Cruelty-Free Beauty Review: Lily Lolo at CutECOsmetics

I remember when I was in fashion college and spent hours in the fantastic fashion library my school had. I always left with piles of books that made my arms ache for days from carrying them and my heart flutter with longing for the evening, so I could curl up in my room and flip through them, savouring every page. One of these books was VOGUE Beauty, where makeup mavens laid down gorgeousness commandments. I remember one particular rule: line your eyes with liquid liner, never kohl pencil. It was the first time I broke a beauty rule, and I haven't stopped since.
I love kohl pencil. I am rarely seen without black around my eye area, whether it's a subtle line along my lower lashes or an all-over smoky eye. A black pencil can be found in my makeup bag at all times and I've tried lots of brands through the years. In a recent quest for new animal-friendly beauty goodies, I stumbled upon CutECOsmetics, a UK-based cruelty-free and organic online beauty shop. It was heaven! I browsed through the brands while digging through my bag for my credit card. This little shop was going to thank their lucky stars for me.

I ended up ordering a Lily Lolo Natural Eye Liner for the wonderful price of £5,99 and I haven't stopped using it since it landed in my mail box in a package made from recycled paper. Lily Lolo Mineral Cosmetics is a brand that carries tons of cute, organic, cruelty-free and BUAV-approved cosmetic little wonders, some of which are vegan. This pencil is now a must-have in my makeup collection!  Its luxurious, creamier-than-frosting texture combined with a rich black shade makes application easy-peasy and it actually stays on, unlike many supermarket eye pencils. Lily Lolo, I am in Love.

Oh and by the way - I am going to try and use vegan-only beauty products in 2013. Up until now, I've only been using cruelty-free, but it may be time for the next step...stay tuned!

photo by me


  1. This sounds promising, I know you said already that it stays on (huge bonus) but is it good at not smudging too? I hate eyeliners that smudge and leave black circles under my eyes xx

    1. Good point, it actually does smudge a little. It's quite creamy and I tend to forget I'm wearing it and rub my eyes, so maybe it's my own fault!

  2. Buon Natale anche a te Sascha (anche se in ritardo) e felice anno nuovo. Che ti porti tanta felicità e pace interiore :)
    Un bacione da Manila.


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