Things I love about winter:

Vegan hot chocolate.

Christmas movies.

Big, chunky scarves and jumpers.

Christmas lights.

Really pretty yet cold-proof winter boots (leather-free of course)

Those rare sunny Saturdays. Like today.

Christmas songs.

Snow, at least a little.

Having an excuse to stay in and read Christmas at the Cupcake Café

Having an excuse to buy nice new winterwear.

...all this to distract me from the one thing I can't stand about winter, which is:


Jumper, shorts, tights, all H&M


  1. It is SO COLD!!! At least you have all this good stuff to cheer you up :) I'd be adding hot cider to the list if it was me, I just discovered it and might love it even more than mulled wine :) xx

  2. Sono sicura che a Londra faccia MOLTO freddo!Qui in Italia è appena arrivato e io non ne posso già più!
    Io non sento molto lo spirito natalizio ultimamente ma non posso che essere d'accordo con te su tutti i fronti,mi piace l'inverno e so che l'inverno a Londra è magico! :)

    Partecipo al contest di Grazia.it,se volete sopportarmi votatemi qui cliccando sul cuore!Potete votare una volta al giorno! Grazie!

  3. Chai lattes and red wine for me - not together of course. And lots of wool throws, pillows and fairy lights! Keep warm xoxox


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