Cooking in Heels: The World's Best Vegan Rice Dish

The other week I decided to experiment with throwing together a few ingredients and so The World's Best Vegan Rice Dish was born. I figured it was criminal not to share such a discovery with the world.

Above, you see the ingredients: long grain rice (this time we had the cheap one from Tesco, but obviously brown rice is a million times better), a carrot, a tomato, some garlic and tomato sauce - and some no-meat meat! Mine is from Holland & Barrett, a British health-food store chain that's heaven on Earth!

And now, what can you cook without good seasoning? Aside from salt, I used pepper, basil, soy sauce and a sprinkle - just a sprinkle! - of Nando's medium peri-peri.

You start with the garlic, spritzed with some soy sauce. Then, toss some carrots in there, followed by tomato sauce, the fake meat and last the tomatoes. Stir, baby stir! In the meantime, boil the rice - make sure you don't overcook it!


Yum, yum and superyum!

All photos by me


  1. ciao bella! Domenica ho fatto un pranzo tutto vegetariano perchè avevo mia suocera e non avevo volgia di fare un doppio menu. Ho preparato una cosa che è andata a ruba: ho cucinato le lenticchie in maniera tradizionale (soffritto cipolla, lenticchie secche, vino rosso, dado vegetale) e il giorno dopo le ho frullate, allungate con un po' d'acqua da farle diventare crema e poi spalmate sul pane abbrustolito. Sono una bomba!

  2. ahahahaha anche io ho comprato quel tipo di salsa di pomodoro! E' troppo buona!
    Ehh ma il tesco non delude mai,vero? :D


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