Coffee and Heels Closet: Little Red Riding Hood

Having a fashion blogger moment!

This little red coat was my Christmas present from David. It may come as a surprise that I only own one - yes, ONE - winter coat. Well, that's not entirely true. I just happened to leave the other one in Milan because I emotionally outgrew it - I actually feel like ten years ago when I'm wearing it, and not in a good way. So off we went on the hunt for another statement (read: not black) piece to see me through London winter.

 We spent an eternity - I'm talking ages - walking around the shops looking at every type of outerwear under the sun. Parkas, jackets, faux furs, everything from £25 sale coats at Primark to expertly cut DKNY numbers, failing to find something that fit both the budget and my picky tastes (not to mention my vegan lifestyle - most winter coats have wool in them). Out of the blue, David spotted a coat in a tiny shop window and pointed it out to me. By that time I was almost fainting from trotting around Europe's biggest mall on a soy latte and basically no sugar, so I thought he was pointing to another one, a long old-lady one with huge golden buttons and an enormous fur stole. "You don't know me at all!" I lashed out at my poor boyfriend. "That thing? Maybe when I'm 50 - no, probably not even then!"

David patiently convinced me to enter the shop and led me to the coat that he intended, a cute little Montgomery-style one, with a nice hood and bell sleeves. I tried it on and discovered one tiny yet relevant detail: I like how I look in red.

pictures by me


  1. Effettivamente ti sta davvero bene,mi sembra che sia proprio in linea con la tua personalità cosi positiva e solare! :)

    E complimenti per il nuovo lavoro!

  2. I love how it looks on you. I have a similar red coat and love wearing it, it feels like I'm always making a statement just by wearing it!

    1. I know what you mean, it's the red that does it! I'm usually wearing black or quite neutral colours, so a big splash of red really feels like a statement!

  3. Ti sta benissimo! :)

    Buone feste!



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