30 Before 30: Learning to Meditate

One of the things I've wanted to learn forever is meditation. I've always envied people that say things like, "Oh, I did this amazing cleansing meditation last night." They seemed so calm, centered and zen - I wanted to get in on that. Plus, all the articles about how good meditation is for you really sparked my curiosity. So, naturally, meditation was on my 30 before 30 list.

Trouble is, even after having read all the amazing meditation guides  out there, I still couldn't fully grasp the concept of "clearing out my mind". I couldn't stop thinking. I just couldn't do it.

I recently read the book Spirit Junkie by Gabrielle Bernstein (she's the one om-ing it up on a busy NYC street in the pic above!) and I have to tell you, it transforms your way to view, well, everything. I am deeply grateful to Gabrielle for sharing this knowledge with all of us - and I'm also grateful to her for re-igniting my meditation spark and inspiring me to give meditation another try.

Only, I'm still crap at it.

When I sit there on my meditation pillow, it often goes like this:

"Clear out my mind. Alright."

"Think of nothing. Okay. Nothing. Nothing. Breathe. What if I make a tofu stir-fry for dinner? Are there any mushrooms left in the fridge?"

"Oh, come on, you're supposed to meditate! Clear your mind. Okay. Here we go. Inhale. Aaand exhale."

"Inhale aaaand...those ASOS shoes."

"Am I meditating yet?"

"A clear, white, radiant light. A clear, white radiant light cleaning my chakras. Speaking of cleaning, is it my turn to clean the flat this week? Did I put the cutlery away? Do I have a deadline in two days?"

"I give up - I can't do this."

...you get the point.

I really didn't want to give up on meditation - I love the whole ritual of putting on my yoga pants, lighting some incense and just zoning out. I just don't want to be caught thinking about invoices and vacuum cleaners while I'm zen-ing.

Solution: guided mediations! With someone's voice reminding me to stay on track, how can I go wrong?

Not only does Gabrielle's book contain several really good guided ones, I have also tried the Deepak Chopra Meditation Challenge - really good, centering, guided meditations on the topic of abundance. But my favourite meditation tool has to be Fragrant Heart - lots and lots of guided meditations and visualisations on different topics and a five-day meditation class! So yes, I am a bit more centered and now meditate regularly - at least I try. My new guru, Gabrielle, says to meditate in the morning and evening, but I'm not sure about the morning - it's not very easy to go "ommmmm" while my boyfriend's doing push-up in front of According to Jim. But a nice, relaxing meditation before bed? Lovely.
I'll try to clock in at least ten minutes on the pillow every day - and let you know how it goes!

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  1. Mi hai fatto venire una menta una cosa: l'ultimo periodo in cui abitavo a Milano avevo cominciato yoga e ho scoperto con grandissimo stupore che la cosa più difficile da fare è stare coricata con gli occhi chiusi. Non riuscivo a rilassarmi, mille pensieri mi venivano alla mente. Eppure doveva essere una cosa facile!
    Al momento l'unica circostanza in cui riesco a liberare la mente è quando vado a correre: concentrarmi sul ritmo e sull'obiettivo mi svuota da altri pensieri

    1. Forse é difficile "pulire la mente e non pensare" quando é esattamente quello che co viene richiesto? Siamo così concentrati sul non pensare che non riusciamo a non farlo. Invece a volte viene spontaneo, come quando tu corri! È per questo che penso che è importante trovare un'attività che ti aiuta a fare proprio questo.


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