Where We Live - A Photo Post

I've meant and promised to post photos of our first-ever London roomm ever since we moved here! The only reason why I haven't yet is because, well, it didn't look very presentable: guitars, wires, bags, shoes...and who am I kidding, it still looks like that! But today we'd tidied up a bit, so I thought I'd take advantage of the amazing light and snap a few pics!

this is a portrait of me that David drew when we had just met...and out Ikea pet that lights up in the dark!

Some of my favourite bags - all leather-free!

One of my most prized possessions in the flat - the TV!

Yes, we do keep stuffed animals in our bed. Yes, we're 29 and 35, so what?
Note the Swedish elk and the guitar-playing Hard Rock Café teddy bear (I actually got him in London!)

My beloved pink headphones and an Audrey Hepburn á la Andy Warhol painting by David.

My favourite vegan biker boots!

One of David's guitars and other musical must-haves

The reading list

My office!


  1. Beautiful picture your lovely man did, he is so talented!

    Your room looks very neat and tidy, God I need to get on and tidy my place up! (Why not have your teddies on your bed?! I have my Mr Panda Bear sitting in my room and he's 41 ;) )

  2. it looks like such a great and cozy space :) love that picture... what talent! thanks for sharing these with us. it must be so nice living in london :)

    xox, amber

  3. David and I have to say THANK YOU to everyone who commented on his drawings - he really loves to draw and I happen to think he's great at it!

  4. Il posto in cui vivi è veramente carino,mi piaccono molto le foto!
    Il tuo ragazzo è veramente talentuoso,il ritratto che ha fatto di te è bellissimo!Complimenti!


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