Things I Love: Cookies and Scream in Camden

My fiancé works in Camden Town so I often find myself in the area, whether it's to see him, to shop or/and to find some wonderful vegan food. Case in point: the lovely, lovely dessert stand Cookies and Scream .

Everything in this tiny shop is vegan and gluten-free...and utterly, totally delicious.

I found the place the day after I found out that I didn't get my dream job (yes, the cookie in the photo in this post is from Cookies and Scream!) and let's say it's helped me through both tough times and celebrations since then. David and I have shared everything from the delicious chocolate brownie to the fabulous chocolate-chip cookie, and last week when we cooked for some friends at their house, we brought over a box of red velvet cupcakes!

They also make delicious coffee, but the sweets are the reason why you go to Cookies and Scream - this city is one of the most vegan-friendly I've ever been, but trouble begins in the dessert department: there's eggs in everything! So this place is so appreciated, by me and I'm sure many other vegans, not to mention my vegan-curious fiancé. I also love that they mostly use unrefined sugars.

If you happen to be passing by Camden: give it a shot! It doesn't matter if you're not vegan, it's still delicious!


  1. AAwwww.. quanto mi mancano i loro dolci... se non fossero così dannatamente cari!!! Caspita... che fame :(

  2. Mmm mi viene l'acquolina in bocca! :D


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