Sunday Inspiration - 25 November

I'm becoming obsessed with these inspiration posts - this week, I started looking for pictures on Wednesday! I love looking at other blogs' inspiration posts. There's something so dreamy and indulgent about them, they're like a huge tray of beautiful red velvet cupcakes (vegan of course!) with yummy chocolate icing.  I think we all need some everyday escapism, so keep those inspiration pics coming!

Pictures from WeHeartIt, Pinterest, Little Snob Thing, They All Hate Us and Hakunamatatablog.com

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  1. è da un po' anche anche io voglio mettere gioielli brillanti su tee navy, ma non ho ancora trovato la collana giusta.

    voglio fare anche io il dipinto sul muro con l'infinito!!! è un'idea bellissima!

    e in quello specchio saremmo tutte star!


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