Magnifi-Scent: Vanilla Body Mist from The Body Shop

When I was a little girl, I loved rummaging around in my mother's makeup (very unappreciated by her, but nonetheless irresistibly fun for me): opening all the pots, digging my little baby fingers deep into creamy blushes and smearing red lipstick all over my lips...I was a beauty junkie from age three and up! 

But the potion that fascinated me the most was the shiny, enticing bottle of Guerlain perfume. I don't remember the smell of it was much as my excitement in clicking it open and spritzing it all over myself. The mysterious allure of doing something forbidden and way too grown-up was almost too much excitement to bear.

As an adult, I still love perfume. Only that now, I have to be more picky with my choices: so sadly few perfumes are cruelty-free.

One scent that I have always loved is the sweet, decadent, luxurious scent of vanilla. It's the ultimate girlie-girl fragrance. It says, "I'm a sweetheart" while delicately whispering, "I'm sexy and I know it!" in a lovable yet sensual way. Like The Body Shop's cruelty-free Vanilla Body Mist.

As I get dressed in the morning and prepare to face my day, I love to spritz this elixir of loveliness all over me. Somehow, even if my hair frizzes or there's a stain on my jeans, I'm ready to take on the world as long as I'm wearing my scent.

...and also: when I bought this perfume, The Body Shop had an amazing two-for-£15 deal on body lotions and scrubs! Hurry!

I got chocolate body scrub and strawberry body cream...I guess that's because I wake up every morning and set out to smell like a walking dessert shop! 


  1. Love vanilla, love strawberry, love TheBodyShop.
    Just need a shop closer to office!

    1. I know! There used to be one in Corso Buenos Aires but for some reason it's now gone and all of The Body Shop's Milan customers have to wander all the way over to Brera for their cruelty-free beauty fix. What a shame. Then, on the other hand, Brera's a lovely area to visit! Here in London there are Body Shops on every corner - very convenient!

  2. Quanto mi manca Body Shop! Per fortuna che c'è sempre l'e-shop!

  3. ci andavo un sacco quando andavo alle scuole medie, poi hanno chiuso il negozio in centro milano e l'ho perso. adesso sono dipendente da quelli dell'erbolario.

  4. Cool photos! Love the body shop!

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  5. Eh.. I profumi dicono molto delle persone. Sono un vero biglietto da visita. Spero prima o poi di conoscerti dal vivo ma sappi che ti ho sempre immaginato che indossassi un profumo "Gourmand". Sono felice di aver scoperto che non mi sbagliavo! :D

    1. Grazie :) immagino che é perché sono una golosona! Comunque sí, l'inverno mi piacciono questi profumi dolcissimi e l'estate una cosa piú fresca ma sempre dolce e floreale! L'importante é che non siano pesanti. Amo il profumo della vaniglia!


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