Happy November!

Like I said, I love November.

It's countdown to Christmas, it's cozy and you get to curl up in a café with a cup of tea and read a book (or, in my case, work on an article...). The only thing I dislike about this month is that now is when it really starts getting cold outside!

Looking back, I realise that I didn't make many of my October goals realities:

Starting the gym - I'm going to Lillywhites to buy a pair of trainers this weekend, I promise!

Finishing Marian Keyes' new book - it's freakishly long!

Seeing the Victoria & Albert exhibition - I will! I can't wait to see it.

Post pictures of the flat - I'm being a bit of a perfectionist. But they're coming!

My November goals:

Buy a ticket to go to Sweden for New Year's! Finally!

Plan for my sister and David's family to come visit us

Start a magazine writing class! I'll tell you more about it later.

Finally get my work goals on track - aargh! I have this super huge goal to be done by the end of December - if I manage, I'll tell you all about it!

Go forth with my cupcake mission - next step, this weekend!

Find out where to buy cruelty-free nail polish remover in this town - seems like a mission impossible!

Meet more new people. Like I mentioned in earlier posts, freelancing can be lonely.

Maybe, just maybe, buy a new coat. But we'll see about that one.

Have a happy November everyone!


  1. Buon mese di Novembre a te :)

    Ti auguro di riuscire a realizzare tutti i tuoi obiettivi!


  2. Felice Novembre anche a te. Se vuoi una mano con le cupcake, non esitare a chiedere...! E poi, voglio sapere tutto tutto sulla lezione di scrittura che farai.


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