Five Reasons to Volunteer at PETA

Yesterday David and I started volunteering again!
One of the (few) things we've been miss about Milan is being able to volunteer at the shelter. That feeling of doing something good for the animals is irreplaceable...and we miss our doggies and kitties!
 Yesterday an opportunity to volunteer at PETA's London offices fell into my lap (or into my Twitter...I saw a tweet about Volunteer Night and contacted PETA about it) so naturally I dragged David there with me!

Here's why you totally should volunteer with PETA:

1. It's fun.

The PETA workers are very welcoming and the fact that we were all there to work towards a cause calls for bonding and friendly chatter. After the two hours were up, I almost wished I could stay and stuff more envelopes!

2. There's pizza...and cake!

When David and I got home, we didn't cook dinner because we were already full on the delicious vegan pizza (when an Italian foodie like David appreciates vegan pizza, you know it's good) and fantastic chocolate and strawberry vegan cakes from Vegan Cakery! Yum. Super yum.

3. A little goes a long way.

All we did was put requested PETA literature into envelopes that would be sent out...but knowing that I might have helped inspire someone to go vegetarian or vegan was awesome.

4. You meet lots of fun people.

Among everyone we talked to, there was a girl studying to be a vet, a French-Swiss actress and a New York exchange student! It's always fun to meet people from different walks of life...but once again, the cause unites everyone.

5. PETA's work is fantastic.

After I published this picture on Instagram, I got a couple of unfollowers both there and on Twitter. You don't have to love everything I love to follow me or my blog, so I'll just put it out there: I support PETA one hundred percent. I think they are amazing. They are so dedicated to the cause, you can't help but admire them. And they're really nice people, too, at least the ones I met and
 talked to. I hope that I'll be part of their work again - I'd be honored to help!

Picture from my Instagram


  1. I've volunteered for PETA many times, it's always an adventure! Good stuff.

    1. Agree! Where do you volunteer, which city?


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