Cruelty-Free Beauty Review: Montaigne Jeunesse Facial Mask

I don't even remember where I picked up these and they cost something like £1,50.

Montaigne Jeunesse is a cruelty-free and vegetarian-approved cosmetics brand that I have never tried before but was curious about. I tried on the mask on Sunday morning (in front of The X Factor!) and I very much liked the scent and the clean feeling as I rinsed it off.

Today my skin still feels fresh and clean, so I'm sticking with Montaigne for a while!

By the way - have I mentioned how much my skin has changed since I've been eating a mainly vegan diet? The dull grey shade that I affectionately referred to as "Milan grey" is gone and replaced by a healthier glow. I suspect eating carrots and lentils has more to do with it than moving to London! 

If you have any tips for cruelty-free beauty brands that I can get in London and that I haven't mentioned here yet, let me know!


  1. mmm interessante questa cosa delle carote contro il grigio milano! mmm mi sa che cercherò di recuperare l'abitudine di sgranocchiare carote come in estate!

    1. Le carote erano piú che altro un esempio, intendevo piú verdure, frutta e legumi in generale! Immagino che per quanto riguarda la pelle é piú merito di questo piuttosto che dell'aria londinese...

  2. Måste skriva och tacka för din kommentar på min blogg! Jag fastnade här också, du verkar vara en härlig person (läste din about) :)


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