Coffee and Heels Wardrobe: Chilly Days

The temperatures are dropping and London's getting ready for winter.
So is my wardrobe! I'm happy to be bundling up in my huge, warm snoods and my black Zara military-style coat, which I love.

This ring is a gift from my sister - she has an amazing sense of style and every time I wear it I think of her.

This is the bag I bought at Portobello market in September - it cost £25 but David managed to haggle it down to £17 (how does he do it? I'm hopeless at haggling!). It looks like the Marc Jacobs Sasha bag - but is, of course, leather-free!

My beloved New Look biker boots! They're hands-down the most worn shoes in all of my (tiny) London shoe collection so far! They keep warm, are rain-safe and go with absolutely everything. Best buy this year!

Behold, one of the extremely few leather- and wool-free gloves at H&M this year. Leopard-print!

Coat plus bag plus gloves plus boots!

All photos by me and all clothing is vegan!


  1. Tutto molto bello, la borsa poi trovo sia letteralmente adorabile, considerando pure quanto poco tu l'abbia pagata.

  2. You look winter-proof!! Absolutely love the bag, it already looks a steal at £25 but to get it for £17 is totally win-win! It looks really expensive! Hope it doesn't get too much colder, it is freezing here in the south-west, I'm tucked up reading blogs with my hot water bottle lol!

  3. Sei assolutamente bellissima. Non mi stancherò mai di ripeterlo. Perchè a renderti così speciale non è tanto il tuo aspetto esteriore (che comunque c'è!!!) o il tuo modo di vestire, ma il tuo sorriso, il tuo entusiasmo per la vita, per quello che hai e per quello che fai e la forza di non arrenderti mai. Ti voglio bene, la tua amica Marissa.

    1. Mille volte grazie, sono troppo felice per questo commento! Ti voglio bene anch'io.


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