Autumn in London Mix Tape

pic from my Instagram

As usual, this is not a "songs that are hot right now" list, neither is it a "what is universally London" playlist. It is simply what I, Sascha, am listening to right now in my autumn-in-my-favourite-city state of mind and living. 

These are the songs that take me through my day. These are the beats in my big, pink headphones as I walk down rainy London streets lined with heaps of beautiful, crisp yellow and orange autumn leaves. 

These are the tunes that lend me that spark of inspiration as I tap away on my computer, whether it's in my bedroom, at Starbucks in Tottenham Court Road or in my local Costa Coffee. 

This is music for walking, for running, for laughing and sometimes for crying. This is music for autumn sunsets and November rain.


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