The Carrie Diaries Trailer: Are We Excited About This?

We didn't want this to happen, but it looks like it has: the Sex and the City prequel is here and the best we can do is hope that The Carrie Diaries is true to our heroine, Carrie Bradshaw.

Poor Anna-Sophia Robb. That girl's got some huge Manolos to fill. However, I like her and I think this might work out okay. At the very least I'm curious!

See for yourselves:

A few question marks:

1. This trailer is true to the book, where Carrie's mother is dead. However, in the third season of the show, Carrie tells Julian, one of her VOGUE editors, that her father walked away from her and her mother when she was little. Hmmm.

2. Sure, when I first moved to Milan and was a nobody with a funny-looking purse, magazine editors would pick me up in department stores and invite me to cool parties as well. NOT. This just adds to the whole NYC myth; the truth is that life in exciting cities isn't as full-on as they try to make it out to be. The "cool" editors are more likely to shove their way past you at Fashion Week than send you a dress from Fashion Week. Trust me, I know.

3. I love Carrie's red Minnie Mouse dress, but apart from that, do her friends' fashions scream Eighties to you? To me they look like a little too Selena Gomez-esque to be 1984. I mean, that girl in Suburgatory dresses just like them!

4. Who the heck says "faboo"? As in, "the dress looks faboo on you!" I doubt they ever even said that in 1984.

...what do you think?

pic from Pinterest; video from YouTube


  1. Sooo excited!! even though i'm afraid it will be just another teen movie..

  2. It looks promising, though I don't like the actress that plays the editor (is that what she's meant to be?) hopefully she'll be better in this than she was in Dr Who lol.

    The dead mum thing was something I picked up on in the books too, basically changed the whole of carries back story which I found an odd decision on the part of the author. She went from being an only child with a dad that abandoned her to a girl with two sisters, a loving dad and a dead mum. No consistency!!

    Also, no way would a magazine editor take a shine to you and give you a chance that easily, ever x

  3. This is exciting! I've had the book for ages but never got round to reading it so I'll need to do that before I go see it! :) xx

  4. Non esiste una Carrie Bradshaw prima di New York. Non esiste una Carrie Brdashaw PRIMA.

    No, non posso sopportarlo!

    1. Concordo e soprattutto non esiste una Carrie Bradshaw che non sia Sarah Jessica Parker!

  5. sono proprio curiosa, ma sinceramente io vivo della carrie dopo i 30.


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