Happy October!

A brand new month is here, albeit a chilly and somewhat rainy one...

I actually really, really like autumn: it always feels like a fresh start, and even more so now that I'm in a new city with so much to see and explore.

In October, I will...

Start going to the gym again.

Continue shopping for my new London wardrobe, following the rule "less is so much more"

Finish Marian Keyes' The mystery of Mercy Close...awesome read.

Go and see the Ballgowns exhibition at the Victoria & Albert museum.

Hang out with another Italian vegan blogger who just moved here! So exciting.

Reach new work goals...that I hope to tell you about once they're in the works.

Have lots and lots of green tea and dark chocolate.

Finally, finally get a TV for the new flat...

...and post pictures of our room here!

Buy this book and become a cupcake queen!

Listen to the new Muse and Green Day albums until I get sick of them...oh yeah, like that could ever happen!

Keep calm and carry on.

Have a nice October everyone!

pics from my Instagram (coffeeandheels)


  1. Great post. Have fun completing all your goals.

  2. Bellissimo post!:)
    Ottobre è il nuovo gennaio,inutile fare buoni propositi per l'inizio dell'anno se puoi farli subito.Darsi degli obbiettivi è sempre stimolante!
    Sono curiosa di vedere la tua stanza londinese!

  3. Nice goals, and we wanna see that cupcakes!!

  4. Ti auguro di raggiungere tutti gli obbiettivi che ti sei posta e che ti porrai nel corso del tempo :)

    Buon ottobre!


  5. bellissima to do list!!! =P

    anche io mi strozzerò di tè verde, letture, un po' di ginnastica (eh non esageriamo!) e shopping less is more!

    buon ottobre!


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