Neal's Yard: Flavours and Colours

When I first saw Facebook pictures of Neal's Yard, my first reaction was, "no way, that's Photoshop". Then David took me here for a sunny Saturday lunch and I was amazed to see that this little piece of paradise actually is this colourful and fairytale-looking. The little yard, hidden away in a blink-and-you-miss-it corner, looks like something taken out of a fantasy land - and I guess that's part of the beauty of London.

Strolling along the busy, crowded, sun-drenched streets of Covent Garden, I made heaps of new discoveries (new cruelty-free cosmetics brands I'll tell you more about later!), some of them quite enjoyable, such as the wonderful Neal's Yard Salad Bar, a lovely little place to have lunch and listen to some music (there was a pianist playing everything from David Guetta's Without You to Imagine!).
What I loved about this place is of course the fact that it was full of vegan deliciousness - will definitely be back!

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  1. รจ vero viene il sospetto che sia tutto ritoccato con photoshop!!! =P

    carina la camicia di jeans con borchiette dorate!


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