I bought this month's issue of GLAMOUR magazine and found a lovely little note inside that offered readers a free Graze box. It said it had "over 100 nutritious snacks to choose from"...and they got delivered to your door.
It sounded interesting, so I signed up on the Graze website.

Two days later, my free box arrived in the mail!

It contained four packets of delicious snacks - apple flapjacks, olives with garlic, a nut-and-dark-chocolate mix, and a delicious blend of croutons and seeds called British BBQ and it was all vegan except the apple flapjacks that had honey in them. I have now changed my settings on the site to only send me vegan goodies in the future (you can set your preferences to only vegan, only gluten-free or other dietary requirements that you might have).

I am officially hooked on this! The snacks were all super-yummy and healthy - and it only costs something like £3,89 a month (free delivery). Graze, I'm yours.


  1. I love Graze :) I had herby bread basket last time and it was so good!!! xx

  2. Oh wow, how awesome to get a free box! :) Nice way to sample something like this, so that you can decide whether or not it's something you want to sign up to.

    I love the idea that you can select to just receive vegan items in your box, that is a really great idea!

    Alex xo


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