Good Things Come to Those Who Wait...?

So there's something that I really, really want. 

 Really, a LOT. 

 It's something that has the potential to be life-changing for me (it's still in London, I'm not moving anywhere else for now! Or, you know, ever. I love it here) and I have a feeling that I totally and absolutely DESERVE this. I also have a feeling that it might just be my turn this time.

Waiting is a skill that I still have to perfect.

I suspect it has something to do with the fact that I absolutely hate waiting. I want to know, to find out, to be aware. And I want to take ACTION. 

But sometimes, waiting makes perfect (just like practice; the trick is to practice while you wait). The good thing about waiting is that we ourselves decide how we want to spend our time while we're forced to wait for something. 

You could wait and be nervous (I do this a lot, like right now. I also like to bother my boyfriend and friends while nervous).

You could wait and be curious.

You could wait and get distracted.

Or you could wait and prepare. This is what I have decided to do.

Plan my battles and lay out an action plan. 

Determination. I will win this.

...or, you know. Something badass.


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  1. Eh.. Io appartengo a quelli che aspettano e diventano nervosi. Ma tanto nervosi!


  2. I have that Thing waiting in the wings, too. That "could it be? Is it MY time now?!" Thing. :) I know how the waiting feels. Best wishes Sascha - my fingers are crossed for you. Hard! :) Can't wait to read about it! :)

    1. Thank you Kim! It's nerve-racking! Update: I'm one step closer...will tell you more as soon as I can. Good luck to you too!

  3. Sono veramente curiosa di sapre quale sarĂ  questa tua nuova avventura!Aspetto con ansia il post in cui ce ne parlerai! :)

    Io sono una di quelle che la pazienza non sa dove sta di casa,vorrei tutto subito,ma sto iniziando ad imparare che ci sono cose sulle quali bisogna lavorare per tanto e con costanza se vuoi goderti i frutti del tuo lavoro!


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