Freelancing:Things I Love Vs Things I...Don't Love

Today's office, Starbucks on Oxford Street

Since going freelance, I have discovered so many unknown truths about this line of work that is actually a whole lifestyle. Freelancing is an adventure and I'm happy I embarked on it, because five months in I've learned to much. For example, I've learned that Starbucks' wireless connection sucks (when they say "no password", you just know it's going to be awful) while the one at Costa Coffee is awesome. Wi-fi woes aside, here's what I love and loathe about my new anti-9-to-5:

Things I love about freelancing:

Being able to get up - and thus, to go to bed - at whenever o'clock.

Wearing my red velour tracksuit to work.

Sampling the soy Caffé Mocha at every Starbucks in Zone 1 and 2, all while bringing in cash.

No one bothers me about Skyping at work - to the contrary, my non-UK clients encourage it, so that we can communicate easily.

The fact that if I'm done with at least 75% of the work for the day, I can pause at 5 pm to watch How I Met Your Mother on E4.

I can blast Linkin Park and 30 Seconds to Mars in my "office" without anyone complaining.

The notion that I get to write about the things that I enjoy reading.

Interviewing supercool people (a vegan designer, a wedding photographer, a girl who's a tattoo artist in Thailand) for a living.

The fact that people told me I couldn't possibly make a living out of this...and what do you know, turns out I can.

a cute Stoke Newington café where I once sat and worked!

Yes, all of this is undeniably awesome.


...and this is a huge but (as huge as mine will be if I don't join a gym by the end of this week), here's the one thing that you simply MUST keep in mind if you're thinking of becoming a freelancer.

It's So. Gosh. Darn. LONELY.

I seriously can't stand another day on my freaking own. Whoever came up with the concept of "me" time couldn't have been a freelancer. Sure, at first it's kind of...okay. I suppose it's even nice, if you're the kind of person that for some reason likes being on your own. But if you're a people-dependent, ultra-social creature like me, you start going bananas in about, oh, I don't know, ten seconds. Add to that the thrill of a new city that you know ZERO people in, and all of a sudden the novelty of working in your PJs has worn off and you realise that this solitary life can be more miss than bliss. 

I have a theory that the people that enjoy being freelancers in the long run are people that live and work in their home town and mostly hang out with other freelancers. When I was a freelance writer in Stockholm, I loved being free for lunch at three o'clock to meet a friend. And I loved meeting up with another blogger last Thursday and taking a walk around Camden in the afternoon. But, you know. This working on your own thing is not an easy life for a social butterfly like myself.

So, if you live in the London area, come and hang out with me. Otherwise I might go crazy and actually get a job.


  1. I'd hang out with you if I were in the area.

  2. That Stoke Newington Café looks lovely, which one is it? I live up the road from there and have yet to go on a proper explore! x

    1. Oh, I wish I remembered! We only stayed in Stoke for a week, our first week in London before finding a flat...it's on the Stoke Newington High Street, quite small with these cute wooden tables...I'm sorry I can't remember! When we were there it was sunny and really nice!

  3. anche io per un brevissimo periodo lavoravo da casa (non freelance ma già qualcosa): che relax!!!

    terrò a mente questa cosa del wi fi di starbucks quando vedrò i film americani in cui tutti chattano come impazziti da quel coffè! =P

  4. Hi there Sascha, I love your blog and I think what you're doing is absolutely inspiring! I hope one day I can be a freelance writer as well, so thanks for the inspiration! :)

    Sasha (Funny we have a similar name!)

    1. Thanks Sasha! This is great to hear and I'm sure that if this is what you really want, you'll make it!

  5. Hi Sascha! Hang in there girl! I think you're doing great...
    When I was younger, after having a really bad job, I started freelancing. Well, I was a web designer at that moment. Surely, it was so much fun at first, I was the introvert kinda girl, so I enjoyed being alone, working with whatever hours I wanted, but it took me about six whole months to feel so lonely... I kinda know what you feel... I was not strong enough, so I gave up and got a job, but now, what I really wanted is to be free again, I just don't know where to start. So I think you're doing great, you do the work that you like and you have a blog to share with us, so don't give up that agony of a 8 to 5 job, you're already out there... just share with us, your readers, if you ever get lonely again :)


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