Cooking in Heels: My First Attempt at Vegan Cupcakes

I promised you guys some cupcake pictures...so here I am, ready to disappoint you as they undeniably look like crap. But it was our first try and we did our best!

Sunday me and David were taking a walk around the 99p shop (yes, we like to keep it quality all the way...) when I noticed some very cute blue and pink cupcake holders - for 99p! I took this as a sign from above - we HAD to make cupcakes.

Key ingredients: soy milk, a banana (that seems to have passed its prime) and this fantastic chocolate icing thing (it's vegan!) that I just can't stop eating - I swear that it's addictive!

...and this, unfortunately, is the result.

They're not the world's prettiest cupcakes...but you shouldn't judge a book by its cover. Bad luck and too much banana would have it that they are not too delicious either. Not enough sugar! But we tried. And, hot tip - if you fill them with that chocolate icing thing, they're a pretty okay breakfast.


  1. My first couple of attempts at vegan cupcakes were pretty disappointing too, but keep practising and you will get there! I highly recommend Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World, so far I've only tried the carrot cupcakes but they were so delicious! xx

  2. Mitica Betty Crocker! Che bontà, adoro i dolci con la banana!

  3. Stupendo! Oggi ero a Camden, e mi sono mangiata una fetta di dolce al cioccolato vegan al Cookies and Scream :)
    Cmq, ho sfanculato il ragazzo con cui avrei dovuto vedermi qui a Londra, e mi sto ambientando abbastanza, se vuoi la prossima settimana ci possiamo vedere a Camden?

    1. Volpina dovevi dirmi che ci andavi! Il mio fidanzato lavora appena sopra Cookies and Scream and sono spessissimo lí! Devo anche fare un post su di loro...


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