Comfort Shopping: New Look Vegan Biker Boots

(hi to Karris who also got some New Look biker boots this weekend! Check hers out, they're fabulous!)

First of all, I'd like to say a huge THANK YOU for all of your uplifting comments on my last post! I was so moved reading them and I'm so happy for my very own little support group here on Coffee and Heels. You made my day, so thanks.

This weekend was lovely and helped me get over Friday's disappointment quite quickly. How did I do it? Easy: eating lots of yummy food, drinking some tasty wine with my fun flatmates and fiancé, and of course shopping!

I've been looking for a pair of great, weather-resistant biker boots since last winter, but I've barely had any luck finding good faux-leather ones. Until now! In my experience, London has an amazing selection  of good vegan shoes - and when I laid eyes on these New Look cuties, I was impressed. For only £34, they're a bargain - I'm sure I'll wear them all winter!

Fabulous faux footwear aside - I'm doing better. I've been having fun all weekend and writing and sending out applications all morning. That's right, this job-hunting thing is kind of addictive...


  1. Adoro mettere i biker boots con i vestitini, come hai fatto tu nella foto. :-)
    Felice che ti sei tirata su di morale, in effetti un po' di shopping, buon cibo e vino, e buona compagnia aiutano sempre. :-)
    E guarda avanti, pronta a cogliere altre opportunitĂ  che sono sicura non mancheranno.

  2. bell'qcuisto brava! e con l'abitino ci stanno proprio bene!

    io ne ho comprato un paio due anni fa e non li ho ancora mai messi... sono tremenda!

  3. I love how you've styled them. I have two pairs and I love them. I was quite late to this trend simply because I didn't think I could pull of short boots, so glad I ended up getting them :) xoxox

  4. wow really, There’s an amazing shoe sale going on… and it’s eco friendly!!!!!!!


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