Freelancing:Things I Love Vs Things I...Don't Love

Today's office, Starbucks on Oxford Street

Since going freelance, I have discovered so many unknown truths about this line of work that is actually a whole lifestyle. Freelancing is an adventure and I'm happy I embarked on it, because five months in I've learned to much. For example, I've learned that Starbucks' wireless connection sucks (when they say "no password", you just know it's going to be awful) while the one at Costa Coffee is awesome. Wi-fi woes aside, here's what I love and loathe about my new anti-9-to-5:


Hair-Spiration: The Topknot

My boyfriend doesn't like topknots. He says it's "unfeminine" and like any other (obvious) male, he prefers loose, beachy, sexy waves (you know, the kind of supermodel hair so mistakenly described as "bed head", as men suppose that we just wake up with this oh-so-unachievable style). I adore topknots, on the other hand! Especially on gorgeous Jessica Stam, above.


Baron Wolman's The Groupies

Today I went to see an amazing exhibition!

I have already talked about my passion for groupies; I think it's the historical phenomenon that fascinates me more than any other. That period of time is so full of freedom, creativity and amazing music, and I like to think that in a past life I was a groupie.

Today was the last day of Baron Wolman's The Groupies exhibition here in London, so I braved the cold (winter is coming, guys) and made sure I didn't miss it. And am I glad I did!


The Carrie Diaries Trailer: Are We Excited About This?

We didn't want this to happen, but it looks like it has: the Sex and the City prequel is here and the best we can do is hope that The Carrie Diaries is true to our heroine, Carrie Bradshaw.

Poor Anna-Sophia Robb. That girl's got some huge Manolos to fill. However, I like her and I think this might work out okay. At the very least I'm curious!

See for yourselves:


A Picture Says More Than a Thousand Words.

I found this picture yesterday on Instagram and later on Facebook, and fell in love with it.

This is a photo of two young girls kissing in front of an anti-gay rights demonstration in France.

I love how fearless and passionate they look (even if I don't know if they're really lesbians) and the faces of the "protesters" are classic! I adore that feel of love thrown in the insensitive, bigot face of hate. Because love always, always wins over hate.

Love is beautiful. Love is powerful. Love is all the things that are magical in the world.

Hate is powerless. Hate is irrelevant. Hate is weak in front of the radiant, warm glow of love.

You go, girls. Stand up for what you believe in. If more people did, the world would be a braver place, more full of love.


Cooking in Heels: My First Attempt at Vegan Cupcakes

I promised you guys some cupcake pictures...so here I am, ready to disappoint you as they undeniably look like crap. But it was our first try and we did our best!

Sunday me and David were taking a walk around the 99p shop (yes, we like to keep it quality all the way...) when I noticed some very cute blue and pink cupcake holders - for 99p! I took this as a sign from above - we HAD to make cupcakes.


Comfort Shopping: New Look Vegan Biker Boots

(hi to Karris who also got some New Look biker boots this weekend! Check hers out, they're fabulous!)

First of all, I'd like to say a huge THANK YOU for all of your uplifting comments on my last post! I was so moved reading them and I'm so happy for my very own little support group here on Coffee and Heels. You made my day, so thanks.

This weekend was lovely and helped me get over Friday's disappointment quite quickly. How did I do it? Easy: eating lots of yummy food, drinking some tasty wine with my fun flatmates and fiancé, and of course shopping!


When Dreams Don't Come True

Do you remember this post?

Some of you have commented, tweeted or e-mailed me asking how my "new, exciting project" was coming along and wishing me luck. 
Well, I'm sorry to disappoint you.

Sometimes things don't go the way you want them to, no matter how dedicated you may be to your dream. That's what happened to me this week and I have yet to get over it.



I bought this month's issue of GLAMOUR magazine and found a lovely little note inside that offered readers a free Graze box. It said it had "over 100 nutritious snacks to choose from"...and they got delivered to your door.
It sounded interesting, so I signed up on the Graze website.

Two days later, my free box arrived in the mail!


H&M Cable Knit for Cozy Autumn Days

...so, this weekend I stopped by H&M in Oxford street.


Alexa Chung on Body Image

Here's a thought-worthy quote on beauty ideals from Alexa Chung:

I think it’s about time people stopped judging women on their appearance and more on their intellect. Like you can appreciate my style without having to appreciate my weight. It’s not actually mutually inclusive. I just get frustrated because, just because I exist in this shape, doesn’t mean that I’m like advocating it and being like, ‘I look great.’ How do you know I’m not looking in the mirror and going ‘I wish I could gain ten pounds?’ Which is actually quite often the case. But if you say that you sound like you’re bragging that you’re naturally thin, and you’re not allowed to do that because even though it’s not the ideal weight, it kind of is as well. So it’s really fucked up. And how people that are bigger can be on the front covers of magazines being like ‘I’m really happy with my shape.’ But if I was to do that, I’d be completely criticized and ridiculed. But why can’t I be happy with how I look?


Good Things Come to Those Who Wait...?

So there's something that I really, really want. 

 Really, a LOT. 

 It's something that has the potential to be life-changing for me (it's still in London, I'm not moving anywhere else for now! Or, you know, ever. I love it here) and I have a feeling that I totally and absolutely DESERVE this. I also have a feeling that it might just be my turn this time.


Neal's Yard: Flavours and Colours

When I first saw Facebook pictures of Neal's Yard, my first reaction was, "no way, that's Photoshop". Then David took me here for a sunny Saturday lunch and I was amazed to see that this little piece of paradise actually is this colourful and fairytale-looking. The little yard, hidden away in a blink-and-you-miss-it corner, looks like something taken out of a fantasy land - and I guess that's part of the beauty of London.


I am the new fashion contributor at Chic Vegan!

I'm so excited about this - my first fashion piece on Chic Vegan is up now!

Read it here - it's all about the chicest new fall bags for work, school or everyday life.

I'm so happy to be working with Chic Vegan - it's my own veganism bible (along with Alicia Silverstone's amazing The Kind Life, that I'd love to work with as well!). It's smart, well-written and always first with the interesting topics.

When I saw that Chic Vegan were looking for contributors, I sent the fabulous editor Gretchen an application straight away and I was so happy when I was picked to contribute. This kind of collaboration is so close to my heart because writing is my talent and what I do best, fashion is a huge interest of mine and cruelty-free living is my number-one passion. So this project is truly something I can put my heart and soul into!

Be sure to follow my articles every month on Chic Vegan - more cruelty-free fashion tips are coming up!



Yummy strawberries...

...are just one of countless reasons to embrace and enjoy a plant-based diet: you live healthier, you help the planet, you save thousands of lives (that's right, YOU save lives by eating this delicious food! How awesome is that?) and you get to indulge in tons of mouth-watering deliciousness.


Fashion Week Favourites: Stella McCartney

You probably know by now that Stella McCartney is my favourite designer.

While not completely vegan (Stella often uses wool and silk in her collections), she is still the only designer at Fashion Week that applies a cruelty-free philosophy to her collections. If you think that saying no to fur is a strong decision in today's high-fashion industry, then try saying no to leather. Takes some serious courage! And Stella's got that, along with an almost magical sense of style. Her collections have that classy, casual elegance that so many fashionistas desperately want to achieve - and she does it again and again, season after season. 

pictures from style.com


Happy October!

A brand new month is here, albeit a chilly and somewhat rainy one...

I actually really, really like autumn: it always feels like a fresh start, and even more so now that I'm in a new city with so much to see and explore.