Milan, I Salute You

As the rain falls outside the window (today's the "last day of bad weather before summer returns", as the weather woman on tv said. It's a pity that by the time the city is once again drenched in sunlight and the streets fill up with life, we will be exploring another country), I slowly realize that this is my last night in Milan, that starting tomorrow I will be living somewhere else.

When a dream comes true, we tend to forget that as we welcome the new into our lives with open arms, we have to let go of something else. Something familiar, something safe, something that for one reason or another was ours. In these two years, Milan has become my home, for better or for worse, for richer or poorer (and it was often the poorer), in sweltering heat or never-ending downpours. With all its flaws and all its beauty, this was a place where I could be myself and stand on my own two feet and the place that gave me so much more than I ever expected to find when I first stumbled back into this amazing, colorful city.

Rainbows over my in-laws' street the other day

Milan has taught me that sometimes, the best way to get something is to decide that you're going to get it, no matter what. Just make up your mind and say, "I want it all and I want it NOW!" and no one's going to take it away.

Milan has taught me that no matter how dark things may look, there's always an upside. And that when you least of all expect it, something will come along and light up that darkness.

Street art in Romolo

Milan has taught me that you may think you really, really want something, but along the way something else comes along and it's just so much better than that thing you wanted from the start. And you can't believe your own luck.

Milan has taught me that I'd rather be too trusting than turn into one of those suspicious people that clutch their bags to their chests at train stations, always thinking the worst of everyone they meet and constantly on the lookout for something bad that might happen.

Parco Sempione

Milan has taught me that it's the small, simple everyday situations that create true, lasting friendships.

Milan has taught me that I don't want to live to work or work to live. I want to love my work.

A bike in Porta Genova

Milan has taught me that beauty is in everything around us. Even in the things we take for granted. Especially there.

Milan has taught me that only because everyone around me thinks, looks and acts a certain way, it doesn't mean that it's the right way for me.

View from a friend's house in XXIV Maggio 
(since this photo was taken, she has moved to Portugal)

Milan has taught me that the shallow is, in fact, the most profound and deep of all.

Milan has taught me who I want to be, and who I do not want to be.

The street where I used to live.

Now as I move on, I can't let go of that bittersweet, nostalgic feeling that is so deeply painful to me. Being someone who changes home countries every once in a while is exciting and enriches the spirit, but there's no denying that leaving a place you love and jump into the unknown can hurt in so many ways. 

This is the city where David was born, and that is why it will always be home. Like Stockholm is home, and like London will, hopefully, become home. Time will tell.


  1. how lovely. I'm glad you found and learnt so many things from milan. the beauty of a city is that it will always be there so you can always go back if that nostalgia becomes too much! i'm looking forward to hearing more about your adventures in london, i think you are going to love it :)

  2. A beautiful post. Wish you all the best for the new beginning and remember, home is where the heart is!

  3. What stunning pictures! I'm sure you'll settle in and begin enjoying your new 'home' in no time at all xoxox

  4. So beautiful,
    and good luck...
    may you find happiness and realize your dreams wherever you are.

  5. Such beautiful and wise words... you made me remember the time when I left Paris and Maastricht, the two cities that I lived in for a year during my studies. They became sort of a home away from home and reading these few lines here I realized how much I miss them.
    Good luck in your new city!

  6. I love Milan... Is the black and white, is all! Milan is Fashion, is Open Horizon... The one of my favoirite cities... I follow you...If you want follow me, came into my blog!

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  7. I read this post the other day, and have only just got around to commenting now. I thought it was such a lovely blog post! I really enjoyed reading it <3 Also I love your new blog look, it's really nice! :) Xoxo


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