London So Far

New life, new city.

Our first days as Londoners have so far included:

Gorgeous colours.

Sitting on a bench in Stoke Newington, eating the most delicious falafel and chips with hummus on the planet.

Staying with those that must be the coolest people in London, in their mega-awesome loft. Too bad it's only until Monday.

Sunshine. Lots of sunshine.

Having my first vegan cappuccino with soy milk in ages.

Waking up with our hosts' two cats sleeping by my feet in the bed (there seem to be cats everywhere we go, which we love)

Seeing no less than two men in their underwear on Oxford Street. One of them on a bike.

Stumbling upon Charlie Chaplin's house.

Feeling excited to see a beautiful apartment, only to receive the disappointing text: "sorry, it's been rented already"

Feeling like I'm on vacation. Even though I'm so, so not. I live here now, which is made even more clear by the fact that...we have found a flat! We're moving in on Monday and I couldn't be happier.

To celebrate, I bought a pair of vegan Primark boots. I can't wait to wear them tomorrow, take lots of pictures of them and show them to you!


  1. Yay congrats on finding your new home! Now make sure you take lots of pictures to show me.. :)

  2. Can't wait to see all!! in che zona avete trovato l'appartamento?

    1. Kennington, zona 2! Molto carina e tranquilla la zona!

  3. E' bello leggere tanta emozione e tanta positività in un momento così importante della tua vita. Ho sempre pensato che la predisposizione d'animo, il modo in cui ci poniamo nei confronti delle novità, ha un grande ruolo nell'affrontare le novità stesse. E la tua serenità e la tua voglia di fare è sicuramente il migliore dei modi per ricominciare :)


  4. che meraviglia per l'appartamento!!! Sono molto felice per voi

  5. i so wanna be in London!
    nice photos.

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  6. Felice anche io per voi, non vedo l'ora di vedere le foto dell'appartamento, adoro le case inglesi.

  7. Felice anche io per voi, non vedo l'ora di vedere le foto dell'appartamento, adoro le case inglesi.

  8. Ahhhh che meraviglia! Non vedo l'ora di raggiungerti!

  9. did you ever check out this blog? it's all-vegan, mostly cakes and cookies. i made a chocolate fudge pie with silken tofu from this blog and it was sooooo good. http://chocolatecoveredkatie.com/

  10. Aw :) What a lovely post, so glad your happy and enjoying London :D Xo


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