A Day on the Beach in Brighton

Who ever thought...that moving to the UK would mean going to the beach in September?

This Sunday, we fell in love with Brighton's pebble beach, narrow streets, crowded pier and Venice Beach-esque atmosphere. Just an hour's train ride from London, we found the salty smell of sea, the blue waves and the sun-drenched beach walks that we love so much.

...I might not miss Italy that much, after all.


  1. Ormai non mi perdo un tuo post, eh. :-)

    Bella Brighton, ci sono stata anche io una volta, e molto belle le tue foto (così come anche le ballerine vegane).

  2. How lucky you are to be able to make it to the beach! I'm about 3 hours from the beach and it is torture. I miss having the ocean at my doorstep - but I guess you make the best of the situation! Your photos are beautiful xoxox

  3. Il mio primo viaggio in UL è stata una vacanza studio proprio a Brighton, cittadina splendida che porto nel cuore.

  4. Does not even look that bad hey hey!!



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