The Vacation Diaries part 1 - By the Sea

Being on vacation is like escaping to another planet for a short, indulgent, luxurious moment.

For way too few wonderful days, I've enjoyed blue skies, scorching sun and endless miles of white, soft, sandy beaches: for those of us that spend the better part of the year running around a fast-paced city in high-heeled shoes, this is the stuff that dreams are made of. Pure peace of mind is not easy to find, but sea breeze, tan lines and ice coffee sure help.

I feel like I've been away from Milan forever and at the same time for way too short a time. The last five days have brought me what I needed: a quick reload. A hit of fresh air to relax and gather strength to face new challenges with fresh energy.


  1. Enjoy the seaside and refill your batteries for a fresh start!

  2. Il mare ha un potere straordinario. Ti calma, ti rilassa, ti diverte. Ti dà la carica che serve per ricominciare. Riempie il tuo naso di odori nuovi e i tuoi occhi di colori brillanti. Fa in modo che tu, in un modo o nell'altro, riesca a staccare la spina per un po'. A lasciarti i problemi e i pensieri alle spalle. Come se nulla di brutto potesse succedere o raggiungerti in riva al mare :)


  3. Beautiful pictures! There's no better way to recharge than being by the sea.


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