Seven Days

I've downloaded an app that's called The Big Day. No, it's not about weddings, although I should get to thinking about that as well.

This app basically counts down days up until a day that you put down as The Big Day, complete with a picture of your choice.

I uploaded a phonebooth picture and started the countdown. Today, I opened the app to find that there are seven days left.

Seven. Days. Help.

Things I'm scared of:

Not finding clients (terrified of this).
Hating the weather.
The city being more dangerous than other places I've lived in.
Ending up in a terrible apartment with horrible roommates.
David's job somehow not working out.
Gaining tons of weight by working from Starbucks every day.
Not understanding certain British accents.
Running out of money due to temptation from the abundance of amazing shops everywhere.

Things I'm looking forward to:

Visiting all the museums.
Going to all the concerts and musicals.
Meeting new people.
Taking pictures everywhere.
Looking for magazine jobs every single day.
Finally seeing David happy doing something he loves.
Working from Starbucks every day.
Shopping at Topshop, Oasis, Next and other lovely London places.

Seven days, people. Seven days (sorry if I sound like The Ring; I'm just really excited and really, really scared). 

Oh and thank you, thank you, thank you for the awesome comments on my latest post! I'll keep you as updated as I can (as I said, I'm currently staying with the in-laws and there's not too much Internet access here).


  1. Wowowowow!!! Che brivido di invidia (positiva)! Le nuove avventure hanno un che di magico! Andrà tutto bene, lo so, lo sento! Non vedo l'ora di seguirti passin passetto! Il coraggio di accettare il cambiamento è già qualcosa che non tutti hanno! Brave! :)

  2. From my experience, finding permanent roles in journalism in london is near impossible.. but then you have some amazing experience behind you so will probably be just fine! And I bet you'll be fine freelancing :)

    As for accents, I'm English and can't understand what some english people are saying, so just avoid talking to people you don't understand, that's what I do ;)

    Good luck! x

    1. It does seem really difficult, but at least there are magazines in London! Here in Italy the industry is standing still. There are no jobs, and the one that exist don't pay at all.

      I love your strategy to simply avoid the people that you don't understand :)

  3. I'm counting too! I'm so scared that you can't even imagine.

    I REALLY hope to see you in London. I didn't find a room, but I hope to find it asap.
    I don't have a lot of money and I think that this is the scariest thing of the whole trip. But I'm really excited!

    Could you leave me your telephone number, when I'll be in London?

    1. You have to look once you get there - that's what we are doing! I'm worried about money too. Of course you can have my number, I'll email you!

  4. I'm counting too...more or less three weeks and then I move to that insane city Dubai, jeez!!
    I'm pretty sure everything will be fine and wish you all the best for your brand new british life :)

  5. Cavoli, quante novità! Anche la grafica, molto carina! In bocca al lupo per tutto allora! ;-)

  6. That's a cool app. You must be excited!



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