Death of a Muse: Dedicated to Anna

Yesterday David and I were walking around those hidden little streets in the center of Milan, looking for a shop that's no longer there, when I stopped in front of a house where very recently someone has passed away. And it wasn't just anyone.

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I love originality in fashion. I adore colorful quirkiness and bold combinations of textures, hues and layers. That unapologetic individuality that only a few possess, is courage to me. 

The courage to know all about the trends - and ignore them. 
The courage to interpret style in your own glorious way.
The courage to be noticed, pointed at, whispered about - all while holding your head up high.
The courage to wear your heart on your sleeve - quite literally.
The courage to influence and inspire.

Anna Piaggi was a fashion original. She was a true writer, in every sense of the word, and one of my writing inspirations. She could spot a trend years before anyone else did - her VOGUE pages referred to vintage an eternity before it was "in". She gave new meaning to the over-used term style icon - how many journalists have Victoria & Albert exhibitions dedicated to their wardrobes? I have never been a fan of Italian VOGUE, but I often read it just because of her.

There are not many people like Anna in fashion today. She was gloriously free of style inhibitions, wildly and joyously full of creativity. Each and every one of her ensembles carried numerous references to decades, places and contexts that made them - and her - walking artworks. She was unique, before the word came to mean "strange".

The last time I saw Anna was when leaving a fashion show last Fashion Week here in Milan. She wore her trademark blue eye shadow and red lipstick, and looked nowhere near eighty years old. And yesterday - this is why Milan is amazing - when I stumbled across her front door, other girls came by to take pictures with their phones and catch a glimpse of glory in the form of little things, like her doorbell (it simply said A.P. on it).

She will be missed. Without her, the city will lose some of its colors. And since there are plenty of people referring to Milan as "grey",  it needs all the help it can get.

Style is independent of fashion. Those who have style can indeed accept or ignore fashion. For them, fashion is not something to be followed, but rather something to be set, to select from, or to totally reject. Style is spontaneous, inborn. It is the gloriously deliberate, unpremediated but divine gift of the few. 

-Spotlight on Style, Vogue, 1976

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  1. mi ha molto intristito questa notizia, un personaggio davvero unico ed originale (a differenza di altre cosiddette icone che ci sono oggi)

    1. Esatto - mi dava la sensazione che viveva la moda con gioia e creatività, non per ostentare ma per esprimere quella che era la sua personalità unica e colorata.

  2. Io ci sono rimasta malissimo, secondo me era l'ultima personalità forte ed intelligente del giornalismo di moda.
    Mi ricordo tutte le volte che la vedevo entrare alle sfilate milanesi, tutti si voltavano verso di lei ignorando platealmente le varie starlette interamente rifatte e le fashion bloggers omologate.


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