Summer of Chaos

Following my latest post, I wanted to say a HUGE THANK YOU for all your support and nice comments, both here and on Facebook and Twitter. I'm so excited about this, you have no idea.

But I'm also really, really scared.

Scared of nothing being like I imagine it. Scared of things that I had no idea would happen. Scared of feeling lonely. Oh, and then there's my biggest fear: running out of money.

As August begins I'm slowly realizing that soon my entire life will be packed away in boxes. Everything will change and all the things that I am used to will simply cease to exist. Just like everything else I once left, this too will become a distant memory.

I am also beginning to realize just how much I have left to do. Now, this is truly mind-blowing.

If you were to walk into my apartment today, there would be no signs whatsoever of us moving anywhere. Everything's still here, untouched. No boxes, no suitcases, no telltale indications that soon this will be someone else's house. Someone else will have lunch at our table. Someone else will sleep in our bed. Someone else will play with the neighbor's cat and swear at the hot water in the shower never working. This tiny apartment, and everything it holds, has become ours, and soon it will no longer be.

Now, changing countries normally calls for some kind of...focus. I don't know: find out where to stay during the first days, while looking for a place to live. Ask friends if they know someone who's looking for roommates in London. Things like that. Me? I'm planning my holiday. But I'm glad I'm doing so, because it will without a doubt be those four days on the beach that will keep me sane.

Plus: does anyone else have a boyfriend that's more sentimental than you when it comes to clothes? Or is it just me? Every time I prepare another one of my huge plastic bags full of things that were once loved but that are now to be lovingly chucked into the "goods for the poor" bin, my fiancé sets about defending the fate of "that grey dress that ties at the neck, come on, I love that dress! You can leave it at my parents' house!" I wonder how my in-laws feel about a) us moving in for a week before taking off and b) me unloading all my past fashions in their son's old bedroom. Stay tuned...

Oh and did you see? Coffee and Heels has a new look! More on this tomorrow.


  1. As someone who's recently moved to a big expensive city, getting lonely and running out of money are real concerns... but there's a huge upside to living somewhere so exciting, and to knowing that you're making it work on your own. Good luck! It's such a pleasure to *meet* your blog!

    Catherine @ The Spring (in Sydney)

    1. I agree: the excitement makes it worth it! I'll visit your blog!

  2. Ciao Sascha, I was not able to comment in your previous post, but here I am! Girl, I'm so happy for you. London is truly beautiful and such an inspiring place to write / sing / take photographs. I wish you all the best in this new adventure.
    Un abbraccio, Nadine

    1. thank you so much - I love London because it truly inspires me!

  3. Ciao Sascha! :) Grazie mille per la visita e per esserti fermata a commentare! :)
    Anche il tuo blog è molto bello, curato e particolare! :)
    passerò più spesso!
    un abbraccio


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