Things I Love Music: Dixie Maxwell

We live in an era infected with bad music.

These days, if you're not a pert-bottomed teenage girl or someone that pert-bottomed teenage girls can crush on, you can forget about making it as a singer. Those of us who like to fill our days with a soundtrack either listen to old music or settle for whoever got voted off American Idol first (incidentally, those are always the best ones).  Exceptions apply (Lana Del Rey) but it's scary how few they are.
This is one of the reasons why I adore discovering new, awesome music, especially if it's somewhat unknown (when I found Collin McLoughlin, I was ecstatic for a week).

I discovered Dixie Maxwell when we started following each other on Instagram. Then I found her on Twitter today and thought, I want to listen to this girl's songs. And, well, she blew me away.

I'm generally not very into this type of music. Those of you who have been following me for a while know that I'm a rock-grunge chick with a side of soul. But Dixie's voice is just perfect and then there's that authentic feel to her songs that captures me. I had my fiancé listen to her too - as a musician he's really picky: he doesn't like anyone, ever, and has ridiculously high expectations (his standard of a "good singer" is Freddie Mercury...you get the picture). Of course, he loved her as well.

This is Dixie's own song, Love and Leaves, and I adore it:

This is "Parachute" by Ingrid Michaelson - listen to Cheryl Cole sing this live...it's awful. And Cheryl has tons and tons of fans, while Dixie has eighty people following her on Twitter. Life is unfair. But I have a feeling that one day she'll be out-of-this-world famous because she really deserves it.

"Ferris Wheel", another of Dixie's original songs:

And finally, "Hallelujah". Virtually every good (and bad) singer out there has covered this, and Dixie's version is one of my favorites.

You can find Dixie on Twitter at @DixieMaxwell and on Instagram at DixieMaxwell.


  1. I've just listened to the videos you posted of hers, and you're right, she really has a lovely voice! What a nice blog post to do. X

  2. Hey, what fun it is finding talent like her. Eureka! Hope the world discovers her voice :)) hopping over from siddysays...


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