Sale Shopping and Cruelty-Free Sunscreen

Forgive me father, for I have shopped. Again.

In my defence, most of my shopping is H&M, so my wallet shouldn't suffer too much. And this was actually an anniversary present from David (only the perfect boyfriend sends you shopping as an anniversary present! I guess, after five years, he's finally learned the way to my heart - a H&M gift certificate).

So, here it goes, the results of my latest escapade:

Glittery shorts, €19,90
Blue sparkly top, €7,95 (yes, really)
White top with bird print, €9,95 (I think)
Bracelet, €1

everything from H&M sale

Sparkle & twinkle!

I normally can't stand the sales and can't for the life of me understand why everyone goes bananas over them. As prices go down women's insanity levels seem to rise: it appears as the SALE sign is to girls what a full moon is to werewolves: permission to howl. All of a sudden, it's somehow okay to step on a fellow shopper's toes in order to slip ahead in the line to the changing rooms or in the checkout queue (which is obviously nightmarishly long). And don't get me started on my fellow skinny bitches that will cage-fight you for the last size S. In my book, the sales are best avoided. 

But this time, as my amore was kind enough to let me indulge in my sparklier passions, I dedicated a Saturday to the sales, with awesome results. And I didn't even have to whip my heels off to fight anyone.

I love these: the €1 H&M bracelet and the studded one that comes from the market.

Me experimenting with curly hair and my new birdie top! Effects are VintageCamera and Fotolr (iPhone photo apps)

Treasures: the aforementioned bracelets matched with my sister's cocktail rings and a bracelet given to me for my birthday by my best friend (the blue one - it's from the Swedish brand Baglady that I love).

And, duh, I obviously went to Lush, too.

Along with Imperialis and ErbaLibera that are among my cruelty-free skincare staples (I've told you all about them here) and of course my beloved Orange Blossom scent that is now my trademark (I'll never forget the "you smell like a Neapolitan dessert" comment from a colleague), I also filled up on sunscreen - the cruelty-free kind.

I use sunscreen all the time, even in the winter, and I've been struggling to find non-animal-tested SPF - until now I've been using the Italian brand L'Erbolario, but now that Bottega Verde is officially certified cruelty-free, it makes things much easier. I've recently discovered that Bottega has international online stores as well - this is my choice of sunscreen (it says "Super Tanning", I'll let you know the verdict as soon as I come back from my holiday this year!), smells delicious and is free from animal testing. If that's not a great summer treat, then you've got me.


  1. I love the top!!!!!


  2. Ottimi acquisti e, ovviamente, Lush non può mai mancare :D
    Sono passata anch'io una settimana fa con l'intenzione di fare un paio di acquisti.. sono uscita con una busta piena di prodotti e un regalo per una mia amica.. Però dà un sacco di soddisfazioni :D


  3. adoro il top bianco con le rondini!!

  4. Hahahahh the first made me laugh to death!!!

    The shirt with the birds is A-MA-ZIN-G!
    I Love it!

    I also bought item of SOL they are soooooo great... I love them too!

  5. Looove your blog and the header is AMAZING! xo



    1. Thanks Lauren! The header is a tiny bit of art by my fiancè who likes to draw.

  6. ciao! Volevo dirti che la Yves Rocher non testa sugli animali, ci lavora la moglie di un collega e le ho chiesto di confermare. Un abbraccio e buon weekend!

  7. Great shoes!!!!!!!!!!!!

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