Five Reasons Why We're Lucky To Celebrate Five Years Together

Today is mine and David's five-year anniversary. Our first official date was July 10th, 2007, while working at a Tuscan beach resort. Back then, I thought that just like any of my other working-holiday romances, this would last all of five minutes.

Fast forward two years and I'm standing in my mom's kitchen, telling her about how this guitar-playing blonde Italian just might be the man of my life. Her answer was, "well, if he wants to put up with you for longer than a month, he's a keeper."

And he is indeed. Because there are lots and lots of perfectly valid reasons why this might never have lasted as long as it has. Here are a few:

1. At the start, it was long distance.
I attended fashion college in Florence while he lived in his hometown of Milan. Back then, there were still Eurostar trains (ah, the Eurostar trains) and we could afford visiting one another. Once a month, I went to Milan and once a month he came to Florence.

2. He was somewhat of a womanizer.
Sorry, honey, but you were.
When we met, I was a receptionist and he was the entertainment manager of the hotel (those of you that are Italian know that capoanimatori aren't exactly famous for their monogamy) and what really surprised me was that he readily admitted to being a womanizer when I told him that was my first impression. What's even more surprising, all that's in the past now. He still has a wandering eye, but so do I!

3. I had already dated his colleague.
The year before I met David, I had the breakup of a lifetime. I'm talking crying in my bed for a month.
The following summer, I came to start the season post-breakup and post-rebound flings, with a "let's be happy and single" mantra. When I first saw him hanging laundry outside his room sans t-shirt, I imagined he'd never even look at me - because my big breakup guy had been a last-season coworker of his. It almost felt like incest. But we got over that fast.

4. It was meant to be just a summer romance.
Like I said at the start, we went into it with a carefree, let's-see-where-this-goes mentality. But maybe this was what made it successful: without too much pressure on the relationship, we were able to take on all the challenges that came our way. And there were lots of them!

5. I'm a handful. Really, a handful.
When David and I started dating seriously, I sat him down and said, "I need you to know that I'm difficult. I start crying out of nowhere, can stay an entire day in bed obsessing about something that's entirely in my head, am unable to make a decision and talk nonstop, especially when I'm sad. And I'm sad a lot." His reply? Totally unexpected: "I think I can handle that." And he can. Strangely enough.

So maybe my mom was right. If he's man enough to put up with me, he's definitely The One.

Pictures taken at Model House Sweden


  1. Ohhhhh! 5♥♥♥♥♥
    Per me 1♥ lunedì scorso e anche io non pensavo che avremmo superato l'estate, pensavo fosse una storiella passeggera.. :) Forse questo pensiero porta fortuna!

  2. Aww this is so lovely! Congratulations on five years, may you have many many more happy years together! X

  3. I loved reading this, its funny how people end up together! Really sweet.

  4. La prima foto è molto bella e il tuo post è davvero intenso :)
    Non si sa cosa ci spinga l'uno verso l'altra, se è qualcosa di concreto o di misterioso, se c'è una regola, se è tutto già scritto.. Ma quando accade è MERAVIGLIOSO e tu a quanto pare conosci i risultati ;)



  5. auguri a voi! Bellissime foto!


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