Dream Come True: Lush Launches Cruelty-Free Makeup!

I've always wanted this to happen...and now it finally has!

Lush, one of my absolute favorite cruelty-free beauty brands, has launched color cosmetics under the name of Emotional Brilliance. The colorful lipsticks, eyeliners and cream shadows - all cruelty free and vegan - all have meanings behind their unique shades. For instance, what about a bright red Power lipstick, a silver Success eyeliner or a golden Happiness eye shadow? I can't wait to try the 100% cruelty-free Eyes Right mascara and the berry-colored, dark Confident lip shade.

I checked out the new line at the Lush shop in via Dante here in Milan yesterday and it all looked fabulous! I didn't buy anything out of sheer undecidedness - I want to really get a good look at all the colors before I make up my mind. 

I love Lush because not only are they actively outspoken against animal testing - they're also one of the few brands I can trust to be truly cruelty-free because they believe in compassionate beauty, not because saying, "hey, we don't test on animals!" is going to bring them more customers. So many of their products are vegan and if you ask any of the girls in the shops, they can always provide you with tons of info about the ingredients, where they come from and what they do to your skin, hair or face. It shows that they genuinely care about their products, their mission and their philosophy. This, of course, makes me care too. 

You can find all the info about the Emotional Brilliance range on the Lush website, where you can also play a fun colorwheel game that tells your mood based on colors you're drawn to at a particular moment. There's also an app in the making, which should be awesome.  


  1. I'm so excited about this :D can't wait til it comes to my local one xx

  2. This is really a good news! i love lush and use daily some of their wonderful stuff ;)

  3. I really need to check that out.=)



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