Coffee and Heels Closet: What I Bought in Stockholm

...you didn't think I went home to Stockholm and didn't shop, did you?

One of the things I love about my hometown is that the shopping is out of this world. This is the city where you'll find top UK chains such as Oasis and Topshop, quirky US shops like Urban Outfitters and American Apparel, some of the best vintage in the world (Beyond Retro!), designers such as Hope, Filippa K and Altewai.Saome (not that I can afford those), all the non-leather shoes my vegan heart desires at Din Sko and at least two H&M even in the tiniest of suburbs.

Naturally, I like to take advantage of that.

With my new eco ways and broke-writer salary, I've been shopping much less. Much of my hard-earned money still goes into the pockets of my fellow Swedes at H&M. I know fast fashion's not the greenest way to go, and I promise I'll get better as soon as the cash flow becomes more of a flow than a tiny trickle. But everything I buy is vegan. Here are the results of my Stockholm shopping spree:

Bird-print dress, H&M (for only €14,95!!)
Nirvana t-shirt, H&M
Striped underwear, H&M
Black bag, Swedish chain Åhléns
Earrings, Snö of Sweden at Åhléns

Some of my friends were kind enough to give me a gift card to Swedish department store Åhléns (if you'll ever find yourself invited to one of my birthdays, know that this is the best gift ever) and this is how I spent it:

These earrings from a lovely brand, Snö of Sweden. My tastes have changed lots when it comes to jewelry: I'm not into flouncy, dangly, glittery things like I used to be. Now I either like really edgy stuff with studs and spikes, or really simple and elegant things like these earrings. I wear them with everything.

Those of you that follow me on Instagram have probably seen this already. I love this bag because it's pretty, comfortable, and above all it's leather-free and vegan. I've been using it non-stop since I bought it!

And moving on to H&M, here's my new little black favorite!

I love this dress. I want to live my life in this dress and a pair of Converse. It's so perfect. It fits me like it's been made especially for me, has a lovely bird print and can be matched with virtually EVERYTHING. I am in love.


  1. se quest'anno riuscirò a venire a stoccolma (ssssshhhhhh è ancora tutto in forse...) dovrai darmi qualche dritta, lo sai? ;)
    accidenti, non riesco a vedere le prime foto. l'ultimo abitino lo vedo eccome e me ne sono innamorata!

  2. è bellissimo quell'abitino. perfetto. e con il tuo taglio di capelli è semplicemente al top!

  3. Oh that dress is just adorable. Must get to H&M soon!

  4. Bellissimo il vestito e bellissima la borsa!

    Ottimi acquisti ;)


  5. http://dalemayphoto.tumblr.com/post/7057670525/jared-leto-30-seconds-to-mars

    scusa, so che non c'entra nulla. Ma.... dobbiamo sbavare insieme. Hihihihihi MAMMAMIAAAAA!

  6. Nirvana. Maglietta. La adoro, ne ho quattro o cinque ma ogni volta che ne vedo una "esco di testa!!"
    La borsa è davvero molto bella: mi ricorda tanto la Alexa di Mulberry!!

  7. Penny: la maglietta è da uomo e viene da H&M! sì sono molto fiera della borsa, ho realizzato che mi piacciono molto le tracolle! Poi sembra anche essere di ottima qualità, pur costando 39 euro (ed è ovviamente in ecopelle).

  8. Hi! I know it's been a LOOT of time since you post this, but H&M just arrived in my country (Mexico) and i fall in love with the same dress! Could you please give me some ideas about how to match this dress? :D

    1. I'm so sorry my dear Anonymous, I didn't see this comment until now! I usually wear it with my biker boots and faux-leather jacket, but in the summer it looks lovely with a pair of wedges too!


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