Things I Love TV: Girls

Ok, so I'm a little bit behind on my TV.
Give me a break: I've had a tough week. I've got 17 days of office life left and two of my all-time favorite coworkers (two of the awesomest people I've ever met in my entire life) left this week, so I feel like I've spent the last five days either a) crying b) celebrating their new lives...and mine! or c) getting over a stomach bug (yet another reason to finally go completely vegan!). So bear with me.

Yesterday I finally watched Girls. I've been meaning to for a while and after reading extreme raves all over the internet (words like "blows every other TV show out of the water" were used) my expectations were as high as an Alexander McQueen Armadillo wedge. Just the fact that the show was created, written and directed by the lead actress, indie darling Lena Dunham, was interesting enough to tune in. Here's this chick who got sick of auditioning for other people's TV shows and made her own. Respect. Then there's  Rolling Stone that hyped the crap out of this show and its writer/director/creator/lead star, as well as my everyday hangout HelloGiggles.com that brilliantly compared it to My So-Called Life (a much more apt comparison than the obvious one to Sex and the City. I believe that Girls is basically Angela Chase grown up and in NYC, rather than a poorer Carrie Bradshaw).

pic from Rolling Stone

So far, my verdict is a big, fat, Facebook-thumb LIKE. But not because this show is "real", as so many voices of the internet have put it. I have problems with the concept of "real". I don't believe that "realistic" always needs to mean bland, depressing or cellulite-ridden, as opposed to sparkling, high-heeled and indulgent. Both concepts exist in women's reality. And I loathe the idea that "real" sex by definiton has to be awkard, messy and uncomfortable. My personal experience of sex is that it's fun, naughty, and even - wow! - a bit like in the movies (well, unless you're watching American Pie). And by the way, real women do have sex without worrying about what their butt looks like. Please.

I don't necessarily believe that Dunham's Hannah character and her friends (so far Little Miss Perfect aka Marnie is annoying the heck out of me, but I love bohemian globetrotter Jessa) are more "real" than, say, New Girl's quirky Jess or 2 Broke Girls' feisty Max. I do think Girls has this raw, unpolished element of tell-it-like-it-is to it, but the true reason why I love it is that Dunham is an incredible comedienne. She has this authentic talent for thoughtful, refined comedy, both as an actress and a writer. The scene when she shows up at her parents' hotel room asking them to read her book to convince them that she's "the voice of her generation. Or at least a voice. Of a generation" is pure brilliance. Can't wait to see more!

All in all, this show isn't "unlike anything you've ever seen on TV", but it's fun, different, off-beat and entertaining. Give it a shot and tell me what you think.


  1. Sono curiosa!!! Non vedo l'ora di vederlo anche io!

  2. Non ci crederai ma come ti ho scritto anche sul mio blog ti pensavo l'altro giorno! E' un pò che non facevo un salto! Mi sono resa conto che non ti stavo seguendo!! (ero una blogger alle primisse armi all'epoca!)

    In ogni caso ho rimediato così non mi perderò più i tuoi post!!:)

    Grazie per gli auguri!:)

  3. Neurotic Blonde: ...in effetti neanche io ti seguivo finora! Ho rimediato in fretta, quindi ora hai una follower in piú.

  4. Anch'io seguo Girls e lo trovo uno delle pochissime serie tv valide che meritano di essere seguite.

    Btw, complimenti per il tuo blog: lo adoro.


    Urban Reporter

  5. The Urban Reporter: grazie mille, anche a me piace il tuo!

  6. might check this out, been looking for a new tv show to sink my teeth into. i really like your blog and am now following; it's nice to see a positive outlook in a fashion blog :-)




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