Things I Love Movies: Dark Shadows

I happen to think Tim Burton and Johnny Depp are an unbeatable team. Every time a new Tim & Johnny movie comes out, I'm first in line to the theater. I loved the playful quirkiness of  Alice in Wonderland and the fairytale-meets-dark-edge of Willy Wonka, but I have to say that maybe Dark Shadows, latest in  the lineup of the Burton & Depp horror-infused dramedies, is one of the winning team's finest efforts yet - go ahead and hate me, but I loved this movie. Tim Burton's beautiful direction and trademark gothic eeriness creates an other-worldly atmosphere, the acting is all-around supreme and Colleen Atwood's costumes are to DIE for (any girl with a smidgen of a fashion sense will remember the fabulous outfit worn by Victoria in the scene when she arrives at the manor). And I also found the story quite interesting and, at times, funny.

Aside from Johnny, who's mind-blowing as usual, Shadows boasts a stellar cast of female heavyweights such as Michelle Pfeiffer and the ever-present Helena Bonham Carter, as well as breakout star Chloé Grace Moretz, whom I ADORE. I love, love, love this girl. Not only is she the most gorgeous human being alive, I also think she happens to be a totally kick-butt actress.

But the real scene-stealer in this movie for me, surprisingly, is Eva Green. I was quite bored by The Dreamers and actually fell asleep during her James Bond movie, but here she really shines as wicked and sexy Angelique. She's got this glint to her entire being that mesmerizes and entices (my fianc√© couldn't stop drooling - and who can blame him?)

MEGA SPOILER AHEAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Personally, I think Barnabas' real love was Angelique. She was so much more interesting, plus she really loved him. Vicky, on the other hand, aside from being too bland for mr B, didn't even know what it was that she was looking for in the first place when she came to Collinwood. Angie's witchy ways stemmed from having been cheated on - come on, girls, who wouldn't get mad? I think it was the case of the good girl against the bad girl - and we know that bad girls have are more fun, even if they don't always win!


  1. Oooh! Got a major girl-crush on Eva Gr[rrr]een… She smoulders in a totally smexy sort way. And the combo Burton/Depp/B-C cements the deal.

    Must see Dark Shadows, thanks for the reminder :) Had totally forgotten about it!

  2. Tim Burton and johnny Depp are quite the team when it comes to movie magic. I totally loved the world created in Dark Shadows and no one plays quirky quite like Johnny Depp.

    Rowena @ rolala loves

  3. I thought this movie was great too. Michelle Pfeiffer looked absolutely gorgeous. Plus Tim + Johnny + Helena can do no wrong.


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