Stepping into Summer: Ballet Flats, Wedges, and a very Special Pair of Converse

It's officially summer.

Well, not officially. But it's really super weather here in Milan: the sky is blue (so everyone can stop bs-ing about Milan being "grey"), the few trees we have are green and blossoming, and people are sunnier as well. Everyone's sipping their cappuccinos outside, wearing sunglasses and cute little summer dresses.
...and I can finally stop wearing boots!

I happily packed away my winter wardrobe a couple of weeks ago (with David protesting: "you're going to need these boots when it starts raining again!") and brought out my miniskirts, my floral dresses and - most importantly - my summer shoes.

Here's a top selection of my season favorite ballet flats, low wedges and sneakers (they're all vegan: no leather in sight!)

Blue polka-dot fabric sandals with a small wedge and ankle strap, bought almost four years ago (!) at Swedish low-cost shoe chain Din Sko, which I love.

Chanel-style quilted ballet flats bought in Florence an eternity ago that keep falling apart (I'm so lucky to know the world's best shoe repair guy! He's a true miracle worker!)

My favorites! Brown wedge sandals that were a size too small - but now fit perfectly. These are from Din Sko as well.

These! I adore these shoes. The day they break, a piece of my heart will go missing. They're from Swedish shoe store Scorett, cost only 40€ and have tiny turquoise nail polish stains all over them, from two summers ago when I dropped the polish bottle in a hotel room. Good times.

My Converse! I adore them and can't live without them. The story behind these are that I wanted a pair because Converse are such a style classic and very rock n'roll. But the Swarovski:ed pair I wanted (so tacky, now that I think about it) cost way too much, so I went for this starry pair. I kept the poor shop girl for ages while deciding between these high-tops and a black lower-cut pair. I'm happy I made the right choice because I'm crazy about them now.

...and when all else fails:

...go bare! All that matters is that your toes look cute!

All pictures from my Instagram


  1. Tutte belle scarpe..ma l'Utica opzione è quella che spesso preferisco d'estate!! ;)

  2. Love the shoe chain!


  3. Benlovesting: that's a very weird and very cute compliment. Thanks! I'm a nail polish freak.

  4. che belli i sandaletti!!! io vado sempre di ballerine ma almeno adesso evito gambaletti nude che mi si arrotolano sotto gli skinny! =P

    oh! vedi che anche a te sembra una balla metropolitana che milano ha il cielo grigio??? =D

  5. Labibu: finalmente qualcuno che sa che Milano puó essere grigia ma anche colorata! La scorsa settimana c'era un sole stupendo.

  6. im glad you feel like blogging again!




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