Really Important and Very Fun Super-Girly Questionnaire

So I just got nominated in this questionnaire thing (I love these silly things, so go ahead and nominate me all you want) by Penny from Spaghetti Rock - I'm so happy to have readers like Penny. She seems like a really cool chick and she's passionate about music, so I'd love to meet her in real life!

Here we go with the questions (I warn you, they're not exactly Pulitzer prize material):

What's your last purchase?
New gym stuff! A pair of grey leggings and a neon-blue tank, both from Tezenis.
That same day I also bought Bottega Verde's awesome bronzing moisturizer with SPF and a faux-leather bracelet from H&M for David.

What's your summer must-have items?
A pair of denim shorts I handily DIY:d by cutting off a pair of jeans (I'll show you later!) my famous pink headphones and aforementioned sunscreen bronzer.

Short or long nails?
Short all the way! I had long acrylic nails when I lived in LA, but that phase of my life is so over. Now they're short and outrageous colors. Blue, yellow, green, glittering black - bring it on!

Lipstick or lipgloss?
Lipgloss is something you put on on top of your don't-leave-home-without-it red lipstick.

Boots or sandals?
Let me tell ya, here in Italy it gets hot in summer time. I'm talking really hot. And still, I inexplicably continue to see girls wearing boots on the street. What is up with you people? Are your feet sweatproof? Are you aliens? I'm a fan of wedge sandals for summer. Like these.

Tan: yes or no?
I don't get tan. I get slightly rosy after MONTHS on a beach (yes, I actually spent MONTHS on a beach to find out. Five summers in a row, to be exact. Didn't work) and then I go back to lovely pasty white. But getting a spray tan's on my 30 before 30 list, so stay tuned and follow my adventures in the tan-tastic universe of fake bake!

Eau de parfum or eau de toilette?
Lush Orange Blossom. I get compliments on it almost every day. The latest came from a coworker who said I smell like a Neapolitan dessert. Sweet.

Are you planning your summer vacations?
Already planned! Stockholm for my birthday and then the usual - South of Italy with beach days, wine, pizza, and friends.

Focus on eyes or lips?
Both! Light smoky eyes and a red lip. But if I have to choose: eyes, especially for night. Bring on the smoky!

Have you already had your first ice cream of the season?
Yes! Coconut and strawberry, dairy-free, in Milan's awesome Frozen gelateria!

What bag are you dreaming of buying?
Stella McCartney's Falabella of course. The ultimate cruelty-free it bag.

Blush or sun powder?
I use a bit of both, but I could never live without blush. I'd look like a sleepy ghost.

Favorite eyeshadow shade? (you can see what I meant with the IQ level of these questions)
For every day I wear only eyeliner. But for night, I love black, sometimes violet and turquoise in the summer.

Do you work out?
Yes, but not as often as I'd like - about 2-3 times a week. In my new freelance life I'll be upping that to at least 4. More pilates for the people!

Shimmery or matte eyeshadows?  (I suppose Einstein wrote these questions)
Matte for day, matte with a hint of shine for night!

Shorts or skirt?
Denim cutoffs with a tank and Converse for lazy Sundays. A skirt with heels and a slouchy, maybe even sparkly top for summer nights out.

Black or colored mascara?
What kind of question is this? Don't you have a black mascara?

Straight or curly hair?
Hair-wise, I often find myself wishing I was Japanese.

Necklaces, bracelets or earrings? (seriously, who the heck writes these questions?)
I never leave the house without the following: my Breil watch, my engagement ring and a pair of earrings (most of mine are cheap trinkets from Accessorize).
Anything else is just icing.

Colorblocking: yes or no?
All the way! Love this trend.

What color will you go for this summer?
Hot pink, baby!

Pastel shades for makeup: yes or no? 
Oh God, no.

If you could spend a day on the beach or in the mountains, which would you choose?
The beach, any day! Love the mountains too, though.

Foundation in the summer: yes or no?  (really, a Nobel prize winner)
At night only.

Dresses: mini or maxi?
Mini sundresses with flipflops for the beach, sweeping maxis with loose-fitting tank tops and studded flat sandals for city life.

Lace: yes or no?
I love lace! One of my favorite dresses from my own closet is a black lace 20s-style LBD from Swedish brand Pimpinette.

On vacation with your boyfriend or with your friends?
Both! This summer I'm hitting the beach with David, my best friend and her boyfriend.

Are you a light traveller or one with a "heavy" tag?
Let's just put it this way: Ryanair throws an party every time I book a flight. My heavyweight fee is their annual bonus.

Peter Pan collars: yes or no?
Sure. If you're Alexa Chung.

Floral pants: yes or no?
Yes, yes, YES! My coworker wore a pair this Thursday and they looked amazeballs. Dare to go floral!

...and Penny's extra questions (which are so much better than the original ones!)

Brit-Pop battle: Blur or Oasis? 
Blur, duh. Song 2 is my everyday soundtrack! Even though (don't tell anyone) I do have Wonderwall on my iPod.

Magnum PI-style Bermudas or a kilt like Willie the Gardener? 
Bermudas are death, so I'll go with the kilt. At least it's dress-down-able with a white tee and a pair of black pumps.

Favorite Beatle? 
John Lennon is one of my heroes, so this one is easy. Love Paul McCartney too!

Do you have a credit card? 
Yes....don't you? Doesn't everyone?

Every time I "nominate" people, none of them does the questionnaire, so I'll just go ahead and nominate everyone. Do it if you like, don't do it if you've got better things to do with your time.

top two pictures from Pinterest, the last one from my Instagram


  1. ahahahah don't you have a black mascara??? ahahahahha

    belle queste domande!

    buona serata baci!

  2. Labibu: ma dai, che domanda é?? mascara nero o colorato? Il mascara nero é un MUST, non ce l'ha solo mia bisnonna! Tutti gli altri colori sono un extra, un tocco in piú, ma non sono paragonabili all'immancabile black!

  3. efter att ha haft en köppaus på lush som varat flera år knallade jag in affären i bergamo idag för att sniffa på din orange blossom som var helt himmelsk. men så kom lush-killen fram och tyckte att jag skulle testa 1000 kisses i stickform och jag blev helt såld. fantastiskt OCH skitbilligt. tack för tipset! var sugen på att testa deras hårprodukter också men tyvärr visade det sig att de är packade med sulfater så det blev inget av det. nåväl. synd och lite konstigt eftersom de profilerar sig som ett mer naturligt alternativ. hur som. kommer sniffa mig till sömns inatt!

  4. I'm totally with you on the hot pink and lace! And yes to Blur all the way. I'm so excited they'll be performing at the Olympics this summer.

    Rowena @ rolala loves

  5. Alltså. Din header är helt fantastisk.

  6. Isabelle: tack! Min sambo har ritat den!

  7. Karin: ja de är ju inte helt "naturliga", deras produkter, flera har parabener till och med...men det är galet svårt att hitta helt naturliga produkter som inte kostar massor! Dessutom blir min hy så mycket renare och fräschare när jag använder produkter från Lush, speciellt de som har bäst-före datum!

  8. Me le ricordo queste...;)
    Sull'abbronzatura siamo uguali! Anch'io sto cercando qualcuno che faccia lo spray tan ma non è così facile dalle mie parti!!!

  9. Great questions to know... the questions looking like very funny.


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