Random Snapshots: Stockholm

It's always a bit bittersweet to leave Stockholm. I don't get to come home a lot: I see my family about twice a year, which I've gotten used to over the years, but it never stops being painful. I miss laughing with my sisters and talking to my parents. I also miss my friends tons, all the time. I love meeting new people but nothing compares to the friends you grew up with. Even if I'll never stop wandering the world, Stockholm will always be home.

My hometown.

Enjoying life from my dad's new sailboat.

David bonding with our cat, Joey, who now lives with my mother and sister.

Me and my sister Sofie with our Converse.

One of the rings given to me by Sofie - love her taste!

What summer in Stockholm can look like:

...so tomorrow we're heading home. Even if I'm ready to get back to Milan and 30 degrees, I already miss being at home. So bear with me if I'm going to be a bit sad for the next few days - homesickness is no fun.


  1. Hey Sascha, I'm 100% Italian but let me tell you, the Archipelago on a sunny summer day is the best place ever! One day I'll have a boat and a sommarhus (or friends who do :-)
    Sounds like you had a blast

  2. Bellissima Stoccolma! Mi piacerebbe tornarci un giorno!

  3. Tutte le volte che lascio casa, il luogo in cui sono nata, sento di non potercela fare. Dopo tanti anni, ancora il distacco si fa sentire. Inizio a provare nostalgia ancora prima di preparare la valigia. E poi penso che è segno di un legame profondo con la propria terra e con la gente con cui siamo nati e cresciuti: la nostra famiglia, i nostri amici. E va bene così. Perché nonostante tutti i luoghi al mondo che avremo la fortuna di conoscere, quella è CASA.

    I primi giorni saranno duri, poi sarà facile riabituarsi alla quotidianità quando si ha accanto chi si ama :)

  4. Hi Sascha, never been to Stockholm but would love to visit. I understand the feeling of home yet wanting to go out and above to explore. Buon rientro e preparati al caldo.
    PS: augurissimi per la decisione lavorativa. I am in between having a job I love and photography during the weekend, which is not easy at all. Let's keep in touch. - Nadine

  5. Grazie Nadine! Absolutely, let's keep in touch! I like your blog a lot.

  6. I've been in Stockholm few times, my brother lives there, and i really love that city.


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