Please Don't Watch Euro 2012

I never talk about sports on this blog (unless it's Pilates) but now that the horrible Euro 2012 soccer championship has started, I feel that I have to speak up about this - mostly because I'm realizing that outside of Italy very few people know this.

The 2012 soccer championships are held in Ukraine and Poland. While getting ready for this event that would bring tourists to their country, the Ukranian authorities have taken to extreme measures: all stray dogs had to be taken off the streets.

Great, you'd say, we're all for getting stray dogs off the streets...and into nice homes, right? Wrong. During the preparation for Euro 2012, Ukrainian authorities ordered a mass-killing of over 20.000 dogs by shooting, poisoning, or burning alive. This to make the city streets "clean" for the tourists and get their pretty face on for the championship.

Obviously I don't need to go into detail about how absolutely horrific I think this is, and how disgusted with humanity it makes me. Aside from the fact - fact - that we humans have ZERO right to decide the fate of another species and/or kill another living creature for any reason except self-defense, the idea of the streets being "cleaner" due to lack of homeless dogs is, in my opinion, vile. Why don't we kill off all homeless people as well, then? My suggestion would be a) to start a spay-and-neuter campaign, the only way to fight the stray problem, and b) to illegalize smoking, as toxic smells and cigarette butts are way dirtier than living, breathing beings that only ended up on the street thanks to human negligence in the first place. What's more, this is actually illegal: the Law for the Protection of Animals has been in force in Ukraine since 2006, making this dog holocaust a true crime.

Italy has gotten involved in the fight against this atrocity from the beginning, but unfortunately nothing changed. While various Ukrainian ambassadors have issued statements saying the killings would stop, "dog killers" were hired to do the dirty work and equipment to "get rid" of the dogs was bought. Many soccer players have taken a stand against this monstrosity and countless petitions have been signed. Still, the Ukrainian government wouldn't hear the voices of animal lovers and soccer fans and went ahead with their plans.

The only thing we can do now is, boycott, boycott, BOYCOTT. I'm talking not watching one single game, telling everyone and their grandma why you're not watching, and, if you want to be extra awesome, boycott all the sponsors until the end of the games.

The sponsors are:

McDonald's (what a suprise huh? No, because they're such a lovely, fair, responsible company otherwise.)

I never use any of these anyway (well, I do drink Coke, but very rarely and not during Euro2012).
I've been nagging at David to swap his CocaCola for another drink (ideally I'd love him to stop drinking that crap altogether, but I'm no saint either!) and even one of my best friends, a die-hard soccer fan who's also a sports journalist, penned an article on this issue after we had a conversation about it. I know it may be hard for a soccer lover to give up such an important event, but this cause is so close to my heart that I had to tell you. What you choose to do is up to you.

You can find out more here and here

This is an attack by brilliant hacker group Anonymous (famous for targeting authorities and governments by hacking into their sites) on the Poland2012 site. I find this attack a masterpiece and admire those behind it.

pictures from Animal Liberation Front - an army of heroes fighting the good fight.


  1. That is horrific :( I do know stuff like this goes on a lot unfortunately cos I am signed up to change.org and am constantly signing petitions against these killings!

    I can't believe they are just doing it to clean up the streets :/

    I love that Anonymous thing, amazing :D I have so much more respect for them now that I know they are spreading the word about animal holocaust!


  2. This actually makes me want to cry :(

  3. That is absolutely disgusting. I definetly didn't know that, thanks for bringing it to my attention.

  4. NO COMMENT! Che schifo. Tanto non li avrei guardati comunque!

  5. Charlotte: I'm sorry, didn't mean to! But everyone has to know because I'm finding out that lots of media never talked about this.

    MorganvsMorgan: see? nobody knows!!

  6. This is absolutely terrible! I actually wasn't aware of this :(

  7. Hi,

    I suggest we also boycott the Italian electronic shop MediaWorld, which has set a betting game centred on how good or bad the Italian team will do in this filthy European soccer competition, Prénatal which has released Italian flag striped patterned rompers for these UEFA games, cosmetics companies which have launched UEFA inspired make - up's cases, and last but not least the BETTING SHOPS, please do not place bets on these vile UEFA games, let them not make money from this disgraceful and inglorious event.

    Also do not buy gadgets, chewing-gums, groceries, toys etc, everything bearing the 2012 UEFA's logo.

    BOICOTTATE QUESTI EUROPEI ANCHE NON COMPRANDO alimentari, bevende,integratori dietetici, abbigliamento sportivo, prodotti di elettronica di quei marchi, come per es MediaWorld, che sponsorizzano o che semplicemente usano il logo di UEFA 2012 per vendere i loro prodotti o gadget. Disertate anche le ricevitorie e non scommettete su queste partite.

    Credo che rifiutando di comprare un prodotto con logo UEFA 2012 possa servire a sensibilizzare più persone, visto che solo il guadagno o meglio il mancato guadagno fa aprire gli occhi a chi se ne frega di tutto e di tutti.


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