Crazy Stupid Us

I have a confession to make: I fight with my fiancé a lot.

I mean a lot.

We can start fighting out of nowhere on a perfectly fine, breezy day. Like, the sun's shining and everything's perfect and we're holding hands and then BAM. Sometimes I don't even know what hit us. And in five minutes, just like that, it's over and we're back to laughing and cuddling again. We're a quite schizo (and at times somewhat diabetes-inducing) couple.

Last week we watched Crazy Stupid Love, which was my choice (duh) mainly due to the "you're photoshopped!" scene, which finally got me to join the rest of the world's female population in the Ryan Gosling Appreciation Society (nope, The Notebook didn't do it for me as much as this movie). David's reaction to the movie: "why didn't you tell me Steve Carell was in this? If I knew, I would actually WANT to watch it."

After I turned off the DVD (if you've seen it: I know, right? And if you haven't, watch it tonight!) I really felt like sharing lots of things with you, but other stuff got in the way, so here I am now. I've been looking all over YouTube for these clips and here they are (please excuse the beyond-cheesy background music, which I just discovered is Bruno Mars. Come on Bruno, you can do better!):

oh, what do you know, there are Ryan's abs again. Damn you, Eva Mendes, you're such a lucky lady. 

So I started thinking about this whole relationships thing and how they evolve over time. When me and David met, it was summer and we were both working at a hotel (I was a receptionist and he was the entertainment manager), living next door in the staff housing. One of my first impressions of him who would later become my future husband was spying on him while he hang his laundry outside his door with no shirt on (smart move). So I thought, "nice". My next brush with destiny was seeing him play soccer with my coworker's six-year-old (what could possibly be more attractive than a tanned, blonde, washboard-stomach guy kick a ball with a little kid, letting him win? I melted). And then, well, then he played his guitar for me. Crazy stupid total freaking adoration. I knew this was the man of my life with the first chords.

Fast forward five years and here we are, engaged (by the way, we just decided we're getting married in Las Vegas. You're all welcome) and no less crazy and stupid than we were that summer, when our biggest concern was whether to go to the beach right next to the hotel or walk a bit to the nicer beach over at the other resort. We've been through a lot together - moving to different countries, illnesses, being broke (almost constantly) and family issues. And not only do I find it unbelievable that he's stuck by me through all this, I also can't believe how lucky we are to have stayed exactly the same as we were.

Our first nights together were quite similar to that of Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling's characters: talking, laughing, discovering all the things we had in common and all the things we could learn from one another. One thing I love about Emma's character, Hannah, and the way she acts around Jacob (that would be Ryan) is that it seems like she finally finds someone that she can be herself with. Her ex-boyfriend represents a side of her that she loses touch with because that's not who she really is, so after he proves to be a disappointment, she flees to Jacob, who's meant to be a temporary distraction, but ends up being so much more. Which is exactly what happened to me with David. I arrived at the hotel with a "yeah-let's-be-single" mentality stemming from a particularly ugly, nasty and tear-stained breakup (I'm talking crying into an empty Ben and Jerry's carton for months). When David appeared on the scene with his abs and his guitar, I thought, okay, this is going to last, like, a week. No way on Earth did I imagine that I'd bring this guy to Stockholm to meet my family or go engagement-ring shopping in Venice with him. Funny how life works.

There's also a scene where Steve Carell's character calls Ryan while he's out shopping with Emma, and she comes over and bites Ryan on the shoulder. Me and David had to pause, look at one another and burst out laughing. I thought I was the only one out there who bit my boyfriend in public. So maybe our fighting is just part of us being crazy, stupid and in love. And I hope we'll be exactly the same in five, ten, fifty years.

a happy pic from the summer of 2008, our second summer together! Here, I've used Vintagecam filters applied of Awesomecamera.


  1. che bel post sascha!!!! è stupendo leggere della tua felicità (e rivedere gli addominali di ryan gosling of course!) bacioni

  2. I love, Love. It's great isn't it?! And I also love the picture of you both at the end of your post. Xo

  3. anch'io mi sono iscritta al Ryan Gosling fans club dopo quel film. Quegli addominali... vabbè non divaghiamo! Anche la mia storia è nata sotto il segno del "massì vediamo come va, senza troppi pensieri". Ed esattamente 4 anni dopo esserci conosciuti ci siamo sposati :) Se ci penso ancora non mi sembra vero

  4. ryan gosling. <3

  5. Aw-shucks… Cute-overload on this post. :) You guys are lucky if you can keep it together and laugh it off like that!

    I'm waaay too touchy now a days when someone (read - bf) picks a fight with me. First plan of action is,

    1) divert with jokes & a truckload of humour, and if that fails

    2) get the hell out of his presence!

    Oh… right, I suddenly remembered why he's an 'X' now…

  6. Mi unisco molto volentieri al Ryan Gosling Club. C'è da compilare un modulo? :P


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