The Power of Positive (Why I Love Blogging!)

Just wanted to say how touched I am by Renee's comment on the Body Shop Moisture Foundation post where she told me that one of my posts has inspired her to email a beauty company and ask them if they test on animals (the brand is Environ and they don't). This is what I love about blogging. This. I love reading these comments and know that even though I don't have 50,000 visitors, thousands of followers or brands paying me to carry their bags, my blog makes a real impact, even if it's on very few people.

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I think it's important that people speak up, like Renee did. I enjoy telling companies that I love their products because they're eco-friendly, vegan and not tested on animals. I also think it's important to let companies know that I will not buy their product because it's cruel and endorses something I do not believe in. For all those who argue that there are too few cruelty-free beauty products on the market: you're wrong. It's not true. There are lots of high-quality cruelty-free beauty goodies out there: they're just not in your supermarket next to the Garnier, Maybelline and L'Orèal. You have to look for them, online, in specialty stores, vegan stores, and health shops. But they're out there, and trust me, they make a difference. Plus, they often cost much less than "luxury" products full of nasty chemicals with fancy names. And if we let companies know that we pay attention to these things, that we care about what we put on our faces and what it does to the planet and the animals, there's a chance that they will listen up and catch on to the fact that the client doesn't just want pretty pink packaging and rosy fragrances (although those are nice) but we do want to look pretty with a conscience. And that this is IMPORTANT to us.

So thank you once again Renee for speaking up and for letting me know. This is exactly why I blog and this is why I love Coffee and Heels readers. I may not get 235 comments per post but I love the 5 I have, because they're from YOU. I love to read your opinions and find out if you love my new red Body Shop lipstick, your views on faux-leather leggings, or what you think about the music on my playlist. Two of your comments are worth way more than 100 comments all saying, "let's follow each other" or "visit my blog".

You guys are not just sheep following the herd. You're stylish, glamorous and smart, with a conscience and a heart. And I'm so happy to have you on my side. I wish you a wonderful weekend full of sunshine, ice cream, sunsets, kisses, and other lovely sunny things. Remember that you're AWESOME.


  1. This post is full of Hope!
    We have to change this wrong world..we make the difference!
    I'm by your side, the respect-for-all-lives side! :) keep going!

  2. This is the sweetest post, you are so welcome! I am just so glad I discovered your blog and that people like you are willing to make a difference in this world :)

  3. I totally get where you are coming from with this. Xo


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