New Brand I Love: Cowshed Plus! Sign This Petition

I'm a fan of GlossyBox because they've actually made me discover many new cruelty-free products (although not all products included in the GlossyBox are cruelty free!). One such pleasurable discovery was the Grumpy Cow (I know, love the names!) body lotion from Cowshed:

Cowshed claim that they never have and never will test their products on animals. All their products are also suitable for vegans. So, even if they've not clarified where their ingredients come from, I'll give them a shot until I know more. The products are also free from parabens, sulphates, petrochemicals, and artificial coloring. And they smell delicious!

Aside from going shopping for new cruelty-free beauty goodies, you could do one kind thing today: sign the ECEAE petition to keep all cosmetics in Europe cruelty-free from 2013. You see, a ban was issued, but now it risks being delayed...by 10 YEARS! Don't let this happen: SIGN NOW.

My favorite beauty brand Lush have also campaigned for kind cosmetics since they first arrived on the market. I think it's vital that we speak up and defend the thousands of animals suffering and dying in labs - just so we can have a new pink lipstick or a yummy-smelling shower gel. Signing petitions will help - but I believe the real power lies in REFUSING to buy animal-tested cosmetics and let the companies know that you are not shopping at their store because their products are tested on animals. Choose natural, organic, cruelty-free cosmetics instead, and you'll see that they'll make a difference to your beauty and to your conscience. Together we can achieve real, amazing results.


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