My Beauty Routine: All-Out Shopping Spree at Lush

Today after work I took a walk around town and ended up at Lush. That store just pulls me in - I think it's the scent! And, well, I walked out with a huge carrier bag and about €40 less in my purse.

My morning and evening beauty routine is 100% Lush and very simple. I wash my face with ErbaLibera face wash (it's called Herbalism in English) which looks green and yucky and has a use-by date, but is ah-may-zing on my face and cleanses my skin like no other (no supermarket cleanser has ever worked this kind of miracles on my oily and sensitive skin. Natural products rock!).

Then, I use Acqua di Luna toner water to get rid of excess oil and tone up my skin, followed by Imperialis moisturizer - a TRUE miracle product. If I had to list my top three desert-island must-have beauty products, this would be top of the list. It works WONDERS. Try it, you'll be happy you did.

I also got a new bottle of Orange Blossom perfume (I've told you before that this is my signature scent) and I can't wait to spritz it on! The salesgirls at Lush are always so nice (or is it that they love me because I always shop up a storm?) and not only do they shower you with tons of free soap and shampoo testers, they also tell you lots of info about the products. It's easy to tell that they're passionate about their products. And who wouldn't be?


  1. Ahhh I'm seeing so many Lush hauls recently, I'm so jealous! Really need to pay them a visit as soon as these exams are over! :D

  2. I always get drawn into Lush to, I absolutely adore that place!

    I've never tried any of the moisturizers though, I might have to add Imperialis to my shopping list :)

    Helen x

  3. Anch'io uso Erbalibera e lo adoro! Mi lascia la pelle PULITA! Ho anche provato uno shampoo solido (un po' aggressivo, ma se si alterna ad uno liquido è perfetto), uno shampoo liquido (TUTTIFRUTTI, profumato, sgrassante, ma non aggressivo!), un balsamo (Delizia, se non sbaglio.. Districa i capelli e li lascia morbidi e naturali), un sapone per mani e corpo (Aurora boreale, pulisce a fondo ed è fluorescente!) e un bagnoschiuma alla cannella, dall'odore troppo forte per chi non ama la cannella come me (è stato un regalo!), ma fa il suo dovere lasciando un profumo per niente forte sulla pelle! E sono ancora tanti i prodotti che voglio provare :)

    Anche perché ogni volta che esco da quel negozio SORRIDO! :D

  4. I'm torn – Lush or 100% Pure...?

    Lush ser i alla fall någorluna vuxet ut, men 100% Pure innehåller alltid true to form enbart det man skulle kunna äta till frukost eller ha i salladen, något Lush inte alltid verkar leva upp till på samtliga produkter.

    Men så får man ju från 100% inget fancy-schmancy paper bag with endles mileage of fluffy clouds of tissue-paper! Satans lyxproblem :)

    Brownie points för Lush: information om arbetsförhållanden och råvarors ursprung!

    Du är ett nytt bloggfynd förresten! Veeerkar cool... but I'm holding out on the verdict. ;) Ciao!


  5. ADORO Lush!!! Mi sono convertita quasi del tutto ai loro prodotti! Bagno-corpo-capelli-saponi-profumi... i prodotti per il viso però non li ho ancora provati, dovrò rimediare! ;-)

  6. Ahaha.. I love Lush though, yes, I do wonder whether this special smell in their shop - which is the same worldwide - is not exaggerated just to catch us into their shop ;))


  7. Oh! I honestly didn't know Lush had other products than soap haha. Going to need to go there soon! Looks like you made some pretty great purchases :)

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