If I Could Talk to 16-Year-Old Me

As you may know, I'm going through a bit of a life change now. Quitting your job and going freelance is one of those things that make you think about your choices overall in life. I often ask myself if I've ended up where I wanted to end up as a kid. The obvious answer is "no, I wanted to be a millionaire actress with at least two Oscars and three platinum-selling albums under my belt", but, you know. With a bit of perspective.

If I could talk to Sascha, 16 years old, here's what I'd tell her:

Do whatever you want. Ignore completely anything that comes out of your parents' and your teachers' mouths. Especially that crap about studying to be an interpreter. You want to be an actress? Be an actress.

Stop looking at that very hot, yet quite immature drummer guy from your music class that you think you LOVE. Trust me, there's another musician out there that will make you happy.

...oh yeah, and casting a "spell" with scented candles won't make him fall in love with you. Just saying.

If you want to move to LA, just go. As soon as high school is over, just pack a bag and run for it. And whatever you do, don't come back.

She's All That is just a movie. In real life, there's no Freddie Prinze Jr. And she was way more interesting when she was a nerd.

Stop dieting. It's really, really bad for you.

Kiss boys. Lots of them.

When people question your fabulous vegetarian ways, make them freak out even more by going vegan.

Stop listening to crap music. Make friends with someone who has lots of Queen albums.

You know those short stories you write to unwind and blow off steam? Keep them in a safe somewhere. And keep writing.

Remember that underneath those God-awful clothes and that frizzy hair, you're actually pretty awesome.

My super-awesome pink headphones from Benetton that David gave me!

...they're from the other day, not from when I was 16. Yes, I like pink.

...and if 16-year-old Sascha could talk to her 28-year-old self,, here's what she'd probably say:

So I'm a writer now. I've been published. Cool. What? In COSMO? OH MY GAWD!!

Who's that blonde dude? He's pretty hot. And what's this ring on my left...oh. Nice.

I live in Italy? What happened to LA?

I live in Italy and I don't even have a hint of a tan?

Ok, so what's wrong with eating eggs exactly? Oh, okay, that's awful.

Why am I listening to grunge and where are my Brandy CDs?

I was a fashion editor and I just quit my job? I must be crazy.

On the other hand, I didn't turn out too bad.

Hot pink tee (pink again!), red nails, messy hair, punky bracelet. Me in a nutshell.


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