Bottega Verde Goes Cruelty-Free!

I'm so happy to share this awesome piece of news with all of you: the eco-friendly, low-cost Italian beauty brand Bottega Verde has finally gone completely and totally cruelty-free, which means none of the products and/or ingredients have been tested on animals!

In 2012, Bottega Verde made the giant leap to adhere to the standards set by LAV, the Italian Anti-Vivisection society. This has been in the works for a while, as you can read on the company's About page, and now all of their awesome beauty products are finally completely free from cruel and unnecessary animal tests!

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I learned this news while taking a walk around town on Saturday (apparently the last day of spring here in Milan...it's back to rain now) and I was so happy! There's a Bottega store in via Torino, which is quite close to where I live, so I guess I'm going to be shopping there all the time now!

Here are some of the things I plan on getting at Bottega Verde:

Cancellulite anti-cellulite cream with seaweed and minerals - perfect to prep for swimsuit season! €9,99

Mascara with vitamin E, guaranteeing longer and thicker lashes, €7,49

Sugar and Aloe Vera foot scrub to make your feet as smooth as a baby's! €6,59

Summer Chic eye shadows straight from Bottega's summer collection. I love the pink, gold and brown shades. €7,99

Nail polish! This is a dream come true for me: cruelty-free nail polish and remover! Lots of lovely shades at the itty-bitty price of €3,99

"Romantic Rose" shower gel I bet this smells divine! And the price? Even more divine: €2,99


  1. Sul serio? Speriamo di si... perchè spesso e volentieri hanno fatto cruelty, non cruelty, quindi ora faccio un po' di fatica a capire... ma sono su qualche lista? Hanno i simboletti?

    Ora da noi abbiamo sotto casa bottega verde e il negozio dopo è l'erbolario!

  2. Sono entrata nel negozio e c'era scritto che ora aderiscono allo standard LAV...mi sono informata e infatti li ho trovati nella lista!

  3. hum hum, quindi è dunque vero? Mi informo anche io! :D

  4. A me domani dovrebbe arrivare un loro pacco. Ho speso relativamente poco 30 euro e le spese di spedizione sono state gratuite. Tra i vari prodotti ho preso l'olio di mandorle 100 ml (è poco ma ho letto che ha un bellissimo profumo) in offerta a 5 euro e poi una cosa che cercavo da tantissimo tempo: una cuffia asciugacapelli in microfibra! =) anche questa 5 euro (quella di Aqua Massage, la marca di spugne, in un negozio da me costa ben 9 euro =S)

  5. I have never heard of this company in the UK, but it is great that they have gone completely cruelty free.

    Thank you for my lovely comment.


  6. This post made my day :) I think Lush are working on a campaign to end animal cruelty in all products too, I hope it happens in my lifetime. I remember writing a letter to the big wigs of some huge cosmetic company when I was 13 asking them to stop testing on animals, I think I would cringe if I read it now! xx

  7. Andrea: facci sapere se ti è piaciuto il tutto!

    Lou: yeah I think they work in Italy only...I'm always happy when a beauty brand takes the step towards cruelty free...and this is low cost as well!

    Renee: you shouldn't cringe because that's a wonderful thing to do!


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