Beauty Favorites: Moisture Foundation from The Body Shop

On my neverending quest for cruelty-free beauty, I must say foundation's one of the trickiest things to figure out. It's a true beauty staple and the slightest change in color has the potential to make you look either washed-out or, worse, orange (you know those telltale lines on a clueless girl's jawline? Those are a major no-no!). And the texture is really important as well.

So this weekend I took a walk to The Body Shop (we only have one in Milan and when I'm nearby I always stop by to stock up on cruelty-free goodies) and checked out the foundation selection, finally going for the Moisture Foundation:

Things I look for in a good foundation:

* Color - it has to match my skin perfectly and this one actually is a seamless blend.

* Price - hey, I'll be freelance soon, so give me a break. Anyway, this one came at a breezy €15.

* Texture - I don't like cakey but I don't mind it looking a bit textured in some places to give that extra coverage. This one is very liquid and great for those who prefer a natural look.

 * Good for my skin - I've got mixed skin with oily tendencies and this foundation is oil-free and tends to balance things out.

* SPF - this has SPF15 which means I don't need to coat my face with an extra layer every day (you do use sunscreen every day, don't you? If you don't, start now!)

* Cruelty-free - The Body Shop is one of my favorite non-animal tested brands.

What are your makeup staples? Do you use foundation?


  1. i love anything from the body shop too!

  2. If it's oil-free I think I'll try it soon :)
    Love The Body Shop!

  3. I love the body shop too, it's great that it's worldwide. I use Environ products, have you heard of them? One of your earlier posts actually prompted me to email the company and ask if they at any stage test on animals, they said they don't and would never, although some ingredients such as vitamins might have been tested in the past prior to anti-animal testing, so it really is worthwhile to investigate!

  4. Renee: thank you so much for this comment. I was so happy to know that my post inspired you to write them. I love blogging because of moments like these. Thank you.

    PS. I've heard of Environ and I'll definitely look for their products now!


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