Things I Love: The Kind Diet

I know, I just used the words "love" and "diet" in the same sentence, which is very non-me. But the Kind Diet is not like other diets. First of all, it's not just about losing weight (weight loss can be a welcome consequence, but it's not the only goal of the diet). Second of all, it's not just a diet but a totally and completely awesome way of living.

I've told you before about my admiration for actress, vegan and all-round cruelty-free superhero Alicia Silverstone, the iconic Cher of  Clueless (and star of undying Aerosmith videos such as Crazy, Cryin' and Amazing) who revolutioned her life by going vegan and dedicating herself to saving the planet and the animals. Her amazing, super-inspirational website The Kind Life is one of my daily must-reads and I have just purchased her book The Kind Diet from Amazon.

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Now, all the superstars and socialitès, the fur-clad  Kim Kardashians of this world could learn a lot from someone like Alicia. Being a famous person gives you power, and it's inspiring to see that power being used for something other than filling your own pockets. It's also incredibly refreshing to see someone talk about dieting with a concern for the environment and the animals.

The Kind Diet is not really a diet. It's a lifestyle. In simple words, it's a book about going vegan (one of my goals for 2012!), but not in a "what are you doing, egg-eating assassin? Shame on you!" kind of way. Alicia has really studied all the facts and is ready to help us throw our doubts out the window. I also love it that she understands that the average meat-eater might find it hard to just turn their entire lifestyle around overnight, so her suggestions are great also for those that simply wish to begin by "flirting" with a vegan-influenced lifestyle. 

This is not as brutal as Jonathan Safran Foer's spirit-crushingly honest, yet necessary Eating Animals (which made me both cry and throw up, and I've been meat-free for 18 years, so none of it was really a surprise to me...I dare not imagine the effect that book had on meat eaters) but Alicia tells the truth about animal cruelty as well as health benefits to not eating animal products, all of it supported by evidence, statistics, and cold, hard, in-your-face facts. Her recipes are beautiful, not at all difficult (at least they don't look it) and don't contain lots of crazy ingredients that can only be found in the US. But what I love the most about the book is that it motivates me to do more with my life and do more for the planet, for the animals and for my own health and that of my fiancè. 

I can relate to Alicia in lots of ways: I, too, grew up in a culture of meat eaters and realized, at about seven years old, that I was playing with one species and eating another, which made zero sense to me (like the old ladies in fur coats with a little dog on a leash). I, too, have an understanding and supporting fiancè that understands the importance of caring about the planet and not only about oneself. But I can only hope one day to spread the kind message the way she does.


  1. This is such an important topic (alot like your Sam Brick post which I've thought about so much...she's just ridiculous!) I'm so glad there's people like you in this world, willing to make a difference and advocate for animals

  2. Va häftigt! :) skulle faktiskt kunna se dig skriv en sån bok. Du är mycket mer inspirerande än du tror! Jag har testat på vegankost en hel del på grund av fastan och det är underbart! Man känner sig renad på nåt sätt :)

  3. Renee: thanks!

    Sofie: tack,vad söt du är! Från början skulle jag mest blogga om veganmode och -smink men nu har jag lärt mig mer och mer om att laga veganmat och det är verkligen toppen! Jag är glad om jag inspirerar någon att tänka efter!


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