Signs of Spring

Spring, a time for rebirth and recharging. An emotional makeover.

Lately, change is on my mind. I feel like breaking free, reinventing myself, searching for the new.

This spring I want to look for new challenges, find the woman that I want to be, explore the life I want to live, the dreams I want to chase. I want to start over and spring-clean my life, from my wardrobe to my work, from what I eat to where I spend my Satuday nights. I love my life, but I'm just too restless to keep things still for too long. This is a blessing and a curse that I've had since I was little: every once in a while, I feel the need to clean out the old and bring in the new (luckily, the only thing this doesn't apply to is boyfriends).

Stay tuned.
Big things are in the works. I just have to figure out what they are.

all pictures from my Instagram


  1. bè impegnativo come proposito! la primavera dovrebbe essere leggerezza... gatti sul davanzale e smalti coloratissimi!!! =P


  2. La primavera col risveglio della natura porta al risveglio di noi stessi, hai detto bene. Su una nota meno poetica invece, che belle le ballerine, dove le hai prese?

  3. Labibu: la leggerezza è come una crepe alla nutella: deliziosa, sfiziosa, un'iniezione di buonumore. Ma ecco, non si vive solo di crepe alla nutella.

    Vetekatten: esatto! Le ballerine vengono dalla catena svedese Scorett, sono in ecopelle, costavano 40 euro e le ho prese nel lontano 2010.


    X ELLE

  5. Hi dear, great photo inspiration. Is that your cat - he (or she) is sooo cute! Love the pic of all the beautifully colourful flowers

  6. Sam: no, that's the neighbor's cat. I don't know how he would feel about me posting pictures of his cat all over my blog, Facebook and Instagram...but the cat's very cute indeed.

  7. I liked this post!

    I also feel like changing every now and then (can't stay quiet.. just not my style). The pb is that I am also not too too sure where to head exactly. ;(( Anyway, keep us updated, it might inspire and give strength to all of us!

    In bocca al luppo for this 'internal' journey honey!


  8. Your pics are amazing!!
    La primavera porta sempre voglia di cambiamenti...e ti auguro che siano tutti positivi..
    Grazie per aver partecipato al GiveAway...
    un abbraccio!

  9. Adoro il potere risvegliante della Primavera. Aprire le finestre per far entrare il sole, fare lunghe passeggiate, cambiare un po' l'arredamento di casa... Da brava meteoropatica approfitto di ogni secondo per ricaricarmi di energie :)

  10. Vilka fina bilder! Hoppas våren kommer till oss också snart...

  11. Sofie här har den stuckit sin väg igen...regnar och är kallt...usch!


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